Learn how to find and buy an Investment Property

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  • Here’s what you’ll discover if you attend:
    • 5 easy steps that anybody can use to find, buy and profit from investment properties in high growth areas... There is absolutely no reason to guess your way through this important process. I
    • The 3 costly reasons why people are investing in underperforming suburbs... And how to avoid these ‘Portfolio Killers’ yourself… The majority of investors suffer from at least one of these three portfolio killers, but Jane will show you how to smash through these common obstacles.
    • How to search new areas as quickly as possible, don't sacrifice months of family time, or turning your lifestyle completely upside down… Jane’s method will introduce you to the quickest and easiest (and safest) way to grow your portfolio and create wealth in 2018 (and beyond).
    • Plus much, more.
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What you will learn
  • You will learn where to buy. The tools to identify which suburb to buy in and even which street are set to outperform the market! The code has been cracked on choosing an investment property in up and coming high-growth area... These characteristics are well known. It’s just a matter of systematically applying them.
  • Unlike many parts of the world, we are very lucky here in Australia... For many reasons (of course) but particularly when it comes to property... You see, we have access to extremely powerful property market data and demographic information going back nearly 100 years. This data allows us to go back and look at the suburbs that have outperformed the market historically, and identify which characteristics were present in these areas, before they experienced a rapid upswing in growth. This is the science of suburb prediction.
  • Learn the profit killers so you don't fall into the trap that can put people back years or even worse stop them achieving their goals
What you will get
  • 2-hrs of solid content to help determine the fundamentals to deciding where to buy
  • When you click on the link in your email to finalise your enrolment you will get a Workbook to download to be used in the webinar

What to bring
  • Online just need a computer or tablet and we will send you a Workbook so you have somewhere to keep your notes
What to wear

PJ's are fine - this is all online

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Open to everyone interested!


Your Property Success

Vendor since 2018

Hi I'm Jane, at Your Property Success we take a low risk, no-nonsense approach to property investing. 

Having built my own multimillion dollar portfolio I'm now helping others to do the same.

I've spent thousands of hours finding out what works (and what doesn't) so you don't have to... You’ve got the goal, now get the tools. We are dedicated to giving you all the tools you need to move forward with your investing so you select the area that not only suit your requirements but are set to grow based on good fundamental requirements. At Your Property Success we believe education is the best investment you can make in your property portfolio.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

This 2hr webinar is FREE, this is all about sharing with you 'How To Systematically Find, Buy And Profit From Investment Properties In High Growth Area'. 

At Your Property Success we do have a number of courses available and they all come with a no questions asked 14 daymoney back guarantee because we understand that sometimes it is just not right. So know that if you choose to join one of our programs you will always have that guarantee.

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