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Armadale Cellars is about providing you with a memorable experience. Their courses in Melbourne are legendary for information, cutting edge wines and an awesome social atmosphere. Armadale Cellars has been a wine educator for almost 20 years.

As one of Melbourne's leading independant retailer, Armadale Cellars team is led by Roseworthy graduate Phil Hude who is renowned for his no-nonsense and no-compromise attitude to wine as well as securing some of the leading figures in Australia wine industry to help present his informative and fun-filled courses and special events.



Aug 2017
Shaw & Smith at Seasonal Kitchen - 17 Aug 2017 7:00 PM

The class was absolutely great. And that is UNDERSTATING how i feel about the class. This is how I came to my rating. 1. Phil Hude is a phenomenal wine Master. Connoisseur is an amateur term not befitting Phil's knowledge. He presents his unfiltered thoughts & impressions of the wine and the way he communicates this, it is very effective. We are not all experts but his use of the language, words and phrases gives you great sense of what he is experiencing in his senses. As well, he really articulates the history of the wine maker, no need for a tele prompter - its all written, stored and read from his head. 2. Martin Shaw is an exceptional, exceptional wine maker. I would not have expected an Adelaide Hills Shiraz to present as well as it did. Sure a Barossa or McLarenVale but never, ever did I see this coming. It was phenomenal and I walked away that night with a new appreciation of Shaw + Smith reds. The same for the Pinot and the Sauvignon Blanc (that one I expected). This elevates SS to the top of my must buy list next time I am back in Melbourne. 3. The food at Seasonal Kitchen was another Phenom of the night. My wife and I will be heading there the next time we come down from Los Angeles. Everything was cooked to perfection and matched perfectly and absolutely with the wines of the night. The owners gave much thought and it felt like they wrote a thesis for the night and executed it to perfection. As Phil likes to give support to local venues, this is a little jewel on High Street. The owners are so passionate about their food quality, and how it is created, it was a simple joy in life, to hear them speak about it. 4. Now, the serving wine staff is the fourth Phenom of the night. Great and friendly service, all with a smile. My wife and I really appreciate the great evening put on by Phil and his crew at Armadale Cellars. Usually my wife and I are pretty tight with the $ we spend, especially after an airfare for 2 from Los Angeles to Melbourne but with Phil - just "Sign us up". This dinner was the HIGHLIGHT of our 2 weeks stay in Melbourne. For disclosure, I've known Phil for over 2 decades, and his passion and love of wines is what makes me go to Phil every time I need something. Sometimes shipped to the US, I'll call Phil. Plus, he's the greatest of all blokes & mates. Well done Phil, Armadale Cellars, Shaw + Smith and Seasonal Kitchen. Alby & Leilani Chin

Aug 2017

Learned that if you like it then drink it. Highlight was the red wine night and the dinner.

Aug 2017
TWENTY WINES FOR $20 - 11 Aug 2017 6:15 PM

A very well conducted tasting,I was introduced to a new wine grape variety. Highly enjoyable and relaxing.

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