The Best Baking and Dessert Classes in Sydney

Dessert is served.

Creativity 7 min read May 07, 2021

From Gelato Messina to Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney is teeming with classes from the best pastry chefs that teach you to make the sweetest and most savoury treats.

When you’re in need of a sugar fix at odd times of the day, it’s a handy skill to know how to bake or make desserts. Knead your way into this sweet collection of the best pastry and baking classes that are happening soon in Sydney. From creating immaculate fondant cakes to baking homespun artisan bread, this list has got you covered.

Fall in love with these Sydney baking and dessert classes!

The Classic Cupcake Co

The name “Classic Cupcake Co” can be deceiving. Although they’re well known for providing excellent classes on how to bake the ol’ traditional cupcake, they also provide a variety of workshops for cupcakes of all shapes and sizes, all equally pleasing to the eyes (and buds). This is of course in addition to their cupcake decorating masterclasses, which are absolutely second to none.

Classes Happening Soon:

Bourke Street Bakery

With baked goods dubbed “life-changing”, Bourke Street Bakery has made a name for themselves in and outside of tiny Surry Hills. Their baking and pastry making classes are no exception to providing a life-changing experience, which include exceptional hands-on training of everything there is on bread.

Classes Happening Soon: Sourdough Master Class - Sydney

Gelato Messina

Ice cream is still the coolest treat, regardless of what time of year. And if we’re talking about the cream of the crop when it comes to ice cream, Italian is the way to go. Gelato, ice cream’s Italian cousin, is more than just a passing fancy. In fact, it’s more than ice cream. It’s churned at a much slower rate, so it comes out silkier, softer, and more packed with flavours.

Why scream for gelato instead of ice cream? Gelato Messina, one of the best places for gelato and gelato making classes in all of Australia, will show you why.

Classes Happening Soon: Gelato Appreciation Class (Sydney)

Sydney Chocolate School

If you thought you knew dessert, learning how to temper chocolate will open up a whole ‘nother realm of beautifully sweet creations. Sydney Chocolate School’s dessert classes will turn you from just another chocoholic to an inspired chocolatier as they teach you to make beautiful, glossy, melt-in-your-mouth treats using traditional French tempering methods.

Classes Happening Soon: Hand Tempering And Chocolate Making

Beyond Cupcakes Sydney

Can anyone tell us what’s better than a bouquet that’s both gorgeous and edible? Indulge in Beyond Cupcakes’ classes and it’ll be love at first sight (and first bite?) They specialise in creating the most beautiful cupcake and cookie designs that are perfect for any occasion. So if you’re looking for that special treat this coming Mother’s day, look no further.

Classes happening soon: Create your own Cupcake Bouquet for Mother’s Day

Find more baking and dessert classes sitting in every corner of Sydney here!