The Best Baking and Dessert Classes in Sydney

From Gelato Messina to Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney is teeming with classes from the best pastry chefs that teach you to make the most savoury and sweetest treats.

Creativity 7 min read Apr 05, 2017

When you’re in need of a sugar fix at odd times of the day, it’s a handy skill to know how to bake or make desserts. Knead your way into this sweet collection of the best pastry and baking classes that are happening soon in Sydney. From creating immaculate fondant cakes to baking homespun artisan bread, this list has got you covered.

Bake Boss

Everything that comes out of the Bake Boss kitchen is too pretty to eat. With many shops across Australia and NZ, and the best cake decorators there are, it’s needless to say that a Bake Boss store is a haven for cake lovers and anyone keen to know more about cake baking and decorating. Take a class with Bake Boss and you’ll learn to make the most incredibly insane cake designs.

Classes happening soon:

“Dancing Girl” Demonstration by Dorothy Klerck

“Face Detail” Sculpting Demo by Dorothy Klerck (Wetherill Park, NSW)

Beyond Cupcakes Sydney

Can anyone tell us what’s better than a bouquet that’s both gorgeous and edible? Indulge in Beyond Cupcakes’ classes and it’ll be love at first sight (and first bite?) They specialise in creating the most beautiful cupcake and cookie designs that are perfect to make for any occasion.

Classes happening soon:

Fabulous Flowers

Beautiful Bouquet

Bourke Street Bakery

With baked goods dubbed to be life-changing, Bourke Street Bakery has made a name for themselves in and outside of tiny Surry Hills. Their baking and pastry making classes are no exception to providing a life-changing experience, which includes exceptional hands-on training of everything there is on bread.

Classes Happening Soon:

Sourdough Master Class (Sydney)

Italian Bread Master Class

Celebration Cooking with Jessica Pedemont

Jessica Pedemont comes up with the most beautiful cake designs that’ll just make you go OMG. She has travelled around the world, lived a colourful culinary career and now brings to us everything she knows in the form of baking classes and workshops. Her courses range from baking delicate buttercream cupcakes to making the ultimate celebration cake.

Classes Happening Soon:

One-Day Sculptured Hand Bag

Buttercream Cupcakes with Sugar Roses

Dust Bakery

Rustic, crusty bread is the signature of a Dust Bakery creation. Dust Bakery is known for making a renaissance out of an old-world process called stone milling, which basically makes flour as exciting an ingredient as milk and butter. Be a part of the bread revolution and learn more about this time-honoured tradition through their workshops.

Classes Happening Soon:

Bread is Broken, Let’s Fix It

Gelato Messina

Ice cream’s still the coolest treat, especially under the Australian weather. And is there a better way to beat the hot weather than a cup of its Italian kind? Gelato, ice cream’s Italian cousin, is more than just a passing fancy. In fact, it’s more than simply being ice cream. It’s churned at a much slower rate, so it comes out silkier and softer. Why scream for gelato instead of ice cream? Gelato Messina, one of the best places for gelato and gelato making classes in Australia, will show you why.

Classes Happening Soon:

Gelato Appreciation Class (Sydney)

Sydney Chocolate School

If you thought you knew dessert, learning to temper chocolate will open up a whole ‘nother realm of beautifully sweet creations. Sydney Chocolate School’s dessert classes will turn you from just simply chocoholic to an inspired chocolatier as they teach you to make beautiful, glossy, melt-in-your-mouth treats using traditional French tempering methods.

Classes Happening Soon:

Hand Tempering on Marble & Chocolate Making

The Sconery

The Sconery might seem a mirage amidst the hustling and bustling neighbourhood, but within it lies an oasis of baked goodness and sweet dainty treats. The Sconery specialises in serving and teaching how to make rustic cakes and pastries using the best ingredients such as couverture chocolate, fresh vanilla and fresh fruit. Of course, let’s not forget about their perfectly baked signature scones which you can also learn to make.

Classes Happening Soon:

Hen’s Party - Salted Caramel Cupcake Class

VIVE Cooking School

Nestled in Rosebery’s hip and trendy food precinct is VIVE Cooking School, a culinary learning platform that aims to provide a fun and extraordinary experience for passionate home cooks and foodies, among others. VIVE gathers local food artisans to educate on how to source and cook food better in order to easily transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Classes Happening Soon:

Eclairs Masterclass by Grain Organic Bakery’s Head Pastry Chef

Easter Special: Homemade Hot Cross Buns

Find more baking and dessert classes sitting in every corner of Sydney here.