The Best Dessert and Baking Classes in Sydney

Find the best baking classes Sydney has to offer and learn to make everything to satisfy your sweet tooth – from chocolates to cakes and cupcakes.

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The Best Dessert and Baking Classes in Sydney

You love to spend time in the kitchen but when it comes to baking desserts, you might find yourself lacking the skills and know-how. Good news: Some of the best professional bakers and dessert makers in Sydney now offer baking and dessert classes for complete beginners and even junior dessert chefs! So if you’re looking for the best dessert classes Sydney has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we list some of these fantastic classes to get you started. There are many great options in the city, where you can learn to make delicious treats with your own hands and make some new friends while doing it. These top baking classes in Sydney will teach you the basics and let you put your creativity to work, as you try to develop your own baking style. Read on, if you’re a sweet tooth who can’t resist the allure of a piece of chocolate, cake, or cupcake!

Attend a Chocolate-Making Class in Sydney

Chocolate is a staple in any baker’s repertoire, so if you’re looking to learn how to temper chocolate or make your own ganache, there are plenty of options available for budding chefs who want to become experts in this sweet treat.

Sydney Chocolate School in Mosman offers a regular school holiday program and other fun activities for junior chocolatiers. For us regular choco lovers, the popular hand tempering class is the weekend must-do workshop plus a new option for vegan chocoholics or if you prefer your chocolate gluten-, dairy-, or sugar-free. If you’d rather learn at your own pace at home, you can do that, too, with an online lesson and full tasting pack to savour in your own sweet time.

Got a private event coming up? Kimberley Chocolates in Lilyfield will be there to teach you and your guests how to make your own truffles and more. These chocolate classes in Sydney are perfect for team building, hens parties, and kids parties. Come away with plenty of inspiration for future projects!

Discover Bread-Baking Classes in Sydney

Love sourdough bread? Of course, you do. But do you know that you can use it as a base for sweet treats, too?

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about, then the classic sourdough masterclass by Bourke Street Bakery in Banksmeadow is right up your alley! Learn how to make the delicious, crusty loaf with expert guidance from experienced bakers. You’ll also get tips on how to take care of your bread starter so that you can continue making sourdough loaves at home long after the class has finished.

Over at The Bread Social in Ewingsdale, a jam-packed three-hour session awaits you, where you’ll make sourdough bread hands-on and without commercial equipment. Find out why it is one of the healthiest types of bread available and yet so incredibly versatile that you can use it for both sweet as well as savoury treats. (FYI, it makes a great pizza base!)

Want to master the art of the perfect scone? Bring some friends together and learn how to make this mouthwatering treat in the comfort of your own kitchen! In this private Zoom group class, you will bake light and fluffy scones and whip up some delicious jam to go with them. Find out how to shape and decorate scones with methods that will work every time.

Enjoy Cake Decorating and Baking Classes in Sydney

Choose cake baking classes in Sydney that suit your skill level, whether you’re an absolute beginner or already know your way around the kitchen, and learn how to make beautiful cakes from scratch.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes but were never sure where to start, you can never go wrong with Bake Boss! To kick off your baking journey, head over to their popular fondant and wafer paper cake class in Wetherill Park, make a round cake like a pro, and get to decorate it with wafer paper flowers.

Their floating bubbles cake class takes a round cake and turns it into a dreamy centrepiece decked with chocolate spheres, as if they’re suspended in mid-air! It’s so easy to make this amazing cake, even beginners can learn it in a day. After completing this Sydney baking class, you’ll know many tricks of the trade when it comes to creating gorgeous cakes that will impress everyone at your next party or event.

Make the Best Cupcakes in Sydney

For mates who love to bake, you can book a private event at The Classic Cupcake Co in Mosman, and come away with a dozen cupcakes in three flavours. Professional chefs share tips so you can impress friends and family with your amazing new skill set, from making batter to coloring your buttercream. Get to practice piping designs using the recipes you’ll take home after class.

Bake Boss of course has a wide range of baking techniques to teach you, when it comes to creating delicious cupcakes. Their classes in Wetherill Park will have you colouring buttercream, mastering piping bags, and creating flowers and petals out of buttercream for a batch of uniquely decorated cupcakes or even your very own cupcake bouquet. Ideal for aspiring bakers ages 16 and up.

But then, who loves cupcakes more than kids do? To cap off this list of the best baking classes in Sydney, imagine making cute animal cupcakes together with your child during a school holiday and then serving it on a playdate or class party. Perfect for beginners, this class will have you decorating four cupcakes with fondant and buttercream.

So where will your baking adventure take you? Will you try decorating cupcakes, hand temper chocolate, or bake your own bread or cake from scratch? Perhaps you will discover a flavor combination that you have never even thought of before. With Sydney offering such an amazing range of possibilities, there is no wrong choice!

To start, pick a baking or dessert making class Sydney has in store for you, and you’ll be serving up sweet treats for your friends and family in no time.

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