Top Creative Classes for Adults in Sydney

Here's where to take classes in Sydney and why you should try them today.

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Everyone should take an art class, even if you’re not an artist. It’s a great new way to hang out with friends, meet new people, learn something new and best of all, challenge yourself in so many different levels. Engaging in art is good for the soul - it allows for a pause in your chaotic day and really zone in on what’s in front of you. If you’ve been wondering where you can find classes to take up art, Sydney is teeming with them in every corner. Read on and check out some of the best creative classes in the city that might just fit your bill.

Introduction to Stone Carving (Work-Shop)

Get an easy introduction to stone carving in this workshop where you will learn to create a sculpture of your own using soapstone. Soapstone is excellent to work with, especially for the beginner sculptor, as it is softer and easier to carve compared to alternatives such as alabaster and limestone. You will learn how to shape and refine soapstone using hand tools, then polish and wax, to create a product featuring beautiful colours and textures.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: May 31st
Cost: $70

Pet Portraits (Work-Shop)

Even without a background in art, anyone can enjoy an experience of doing a character study of their favourite furry one. Artist and illustrator Carmen Hui will guide you in every stage of producing a whimsical pet portrait using only a limited colour palette. Lessons on composition, grid use, colour choice and more will be taught, so even those without experience in illustration can come home with a colourful pencil drawing they can be proud of.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: May 22nd
Cost: $50

Other classes happening soon:
Drunk Painting
Oil Painting Masterclass: Painting the Beach at Sunset

Acting Technique Class – Term 3 (The Sydney Drama School)

Kickstart your dream of being on stage in Sydney’s most influential drama school that offers world-class training for the aspiring. Term 3 classes focus on the idea of deep acting, and teaches the student what it means when an actor is “in the moment”. Lessons include understanding the anatomy of the scene, focusing on the other actor, characterisation, motivational techniques and more.

Where: Upper Level, 57 Queen St
When: May 23rd, 24th, 27th
Cost: $445 (Full-term, one (1) class per week)

Other classes happening soon:
Acting Technique Class – Term 3 (2 Classes Per Week)
Acting Technique Class – Term 3 (3 Classes Per Week)

Beginners Drawing: Foundations (Art on King)

Learning to draw is the key to opening up your artistic brain - it is the foundation of all art making. This class will break down the fundamentals of drawing: tone, texture, depth, line, composition, perspective and more. You will be using pencil and charcoal to create still-life works under the instruction of an expert art teacher and will come away with the ability to create solid and credible structure, and from then be able to pursue more complex forms of art making such as painting and sculpting.

Where: Art On King
When: July 18th
Cost: $230 (5-week course), $210 (Early Bird, expires June 20th), $185 (Bring-a-Friend)

Painting The Nude Using Oils (Art on King)

Learn to work with the medium of the Masters and appreciate the texture of the paintings you can create in this 4-week workshop. As daunting as it may seem, oil paints are actually a more suitable medium for beginners. The slow drying time allows for the paint to be sculpted and moved around in the canvas. This class will take you from learning the essentials to developing a style of your own as you paint from still props and life models.

Where: Art On King
When: May 1st
Cost: $240 (4-week class), $195 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
So You Think You Can’t Draw!
Watercolour for Beginners

Resin Art Workshop - Chatswood NSW (Candu Creative)

If you’ve seen works of resin art and have become fascinated by them, you’re not alone. Resins artworks are becoming increasingly popular and are being hung in walls of homes across Australia. Learn to work with resin and explore your creative side as Candu Creative guides you through the process and techniques to creating your own beautiful resin masterpiece.

Where: Barnes
When: June 3rd & 24th
Cost: $200 (Regular), $180 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Resin Art Workshop - Newtown NSW

An Introduction to Screen Printing Using Stencils (The Rizzeria)

Have you little to no screen printing experience and are curious to know where to start? This is where it all happens! In this introductory workshop, you will learn the basics of screen printing, the different methods you can use, and the process of printing your own design using a stencil. You will also learn about ink colours and have a go at using different placements of your design to create a pattern. You will come away with skills that will allow you to continue printing at home or progress to more advanced printing workshops.

Where: The Rizzeria Marrickville
When: April 30th
Cost: $85 (Regular), $80 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Learn to Letterpress

Art Class Sydney Painting on Wednesdays (Art Class Sydney)

These classes by Art Class Sydney will be focused on beginners or anyone who is interested in creating art but have never actually taken an art class. Students will be taught the fundamental techniques to painting, such as tone, colour, composition and perspective. Students will also learn different styles in painting, including portraits, still life, landscapes and abstraction, among others. If you’re looking for a class that will help you begin your artistic journey, this one is it!

Where: St Johns Church Hall
Cost: $575 (8-Class Ticket), $525 (7-Class Ticket), $450 (6-Class Ticket), $450 (Bring-a-Friend + FREE Classes)

Other classes happening soon:
Art Class Sydney Painting (Thursdays)

There’s more where that came from! Check out our full collection of classes taught by the best artists and educators across Sydney.