SOKAFIT Caribbean Fitness and Dance Classes (5 week) - Stanmore


🌴🌴🌴Enjoy this new Caribbean dance fitness program with certified coach Jamie T.🌴🌴🌴

SOKAFIT, designed in Trinidad and Tobago, combines the fun, cheeky, energetic dance moves and music of "Soca" to provide a full body workout. The program captures the vibrant nature and culture of Carnival dance and music to share with others.

Suited for all levels.

Also available.

CHOREOGRAPHY CLASSES - Choreographed Caribbean dance routines. Intermediate level +.

🌴 History:

Many islands across the Caribbean, celebrate what is known as Carnival. It is an annual festival where the people celebrate their culture and freedom, through music, dance, events and the arts.

The largest of these Carnivals is in Trinidad and Tobago, where the Carnival season is spread over many months and leads up to the colourful, vibrant and exciting two day street parade. The music and dance of Carnival in Trinidad is Soca.

Soca music is also the soundtrack of Carnivals in Barbados, Jamaica, St Vincent and across a number of other islands. This is no longer limited to the Caribbean with Carnival and Soca music also spreading to other countries like the USA (Miami Carnival, Labour Day NYC), Canada (Caribana), Japan, England and many other nations. 

🌴 Interesting facts:

Soca was created in the 1970’s through the experimentation and fusion of calypso, cadence and East Indian instruments.

It was an acronym for “Soul of Calypso” and coined by Ras Shorty I.

Famous Soca songs: One Wine (Sean Paul / Machel Montano) and Hot Hot Hot.

Famous singers that attend Caribbean Carnivals - Rihanna

Popular music artists are now incorporating Soca into their music; like Sean Paul, Drake, Bieber and many more.

Get those hips and waitlines ready to roll! 

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Class Schedule

Every Wednesday from 7.30pm-8.15pm =SOKAFIT | 8.15-9.00pm = Choreography 5 Week courses* (See other listing for casual SOKAFIT classes)

What you will learn
  • Learn the fun, energetic dance and music of Caribbean Carnival known as Soca.
  • Learn how to move to the rhythm, get that “Caribbean” groove, master hip movements and body isolations (Wining).
  • Sokafit moves and the fitness benefits of this new dance fitness program from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean
What you will get
  • A fun, energetic and exciting dance fitness experience with live DJ in class.
  • Expert tuition from Australia’s lead SOKAFIT coach, established dancer / instructor, and certified group fitness instructor.
  • A full body workout while having fun and learning the fundamentals of Caribbean Soca dance.
  • The skills to move your hips and waist like they do in the Caribbean.
  • A program designed by Caribbean dancers and exercise physiologists
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance, core body control and isolations
  • To be part of a fun new fitness movement.

What to bring
  • A towel / bandanna
  • Your positive energy
  • Water
What to wear

Comfortable gym wear, with sneakers.

Appropriate for

Open to all levels of experience in dance and fitness. (Please notify the instructor of any injuries. Class may not be suitable for those with preexisting knee, ankle or lower back injuries)

Free It Up Dance offer Caribbean/Latin dance shows, classes/workshops & performance courses across numerous styles inc. soca, samba, salsa & dancehall.

Free It Up Dance and Entertainment provides quality Latin and Caribbean dance entertainment and dance instruction. 

Lead choreographer and performer Jamie Trahanas always aims to provide authenticity and quality to every experience be it teaching, choreographing or performing. She has extensive knowledge of numerous Latin/Caribbean dance styles and has performed, taught and choreographed locally and abroad.

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