Hands On Gelato Making Class (Sydney)

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$250 per person. Max 14 people per class CLASS TIMES: 9am – 12pm approx.

** all bookings in September get a free MESSINA TOTE too **

If you REALLY want to get into the nitty gritty detail and learn the finer details of how to make gelato the Messina way, book in for one of our brand new ‘hands on’ gelato making classes and become a Master Gelatierre! Each participant will create and pasteurise their own gelato or sorbet flavour using a Thermomix and learn how to plate the perfect dessert with the gelato you’ve made. You’ll come away knowing what to put in gelato, when to put it in, and how much is juuuuust right. Plus we’ll teach you how to whip up some other elements pretty handy for impressing guests at your next dinner party.  All in the loving and helpful hands of our head chefs and gelato experts!

Class numbers are smaller than our GELATO APPRECIATION CLASS (limited to 14 people) so you’ll get more time and more attention from with our chefs.


  • You’ll head straight to Messina HQ where you’ll be greeted by our chefs who will serve you a little breakfast treat to get off on the right foot. Something with a Messina twist, paired perfectly with a cheeky latte perhaps. At the same time we’ll wax lyrical about Messina and tell tall tales about big fish and unbelievable conquests (or maybe we’ll just give you a bit of history and interesting info about what makes us a little different to other gelato pushers).
  • Now it’s time to get makin’ – the class is divided into groups of 3-4, with each student having their own workstation and each group being allocated their own Messina chef. 
  • You’ll get down and dirty and learn the whole process of gelato making from start to finish. Then into the kitchen it goes to get churned into gelato!
  • While your gelato is churning, we’ll teach you how to make other elements (e.g. sauces, pralines, meringues etc) which will compliment the gelato you’ve just made when served as a dessert. We’re not a one-trick-pony you know - we’ve got baking skills!
  • Once your gelato is ready, it’s time to get creative and attempt to create an impressive plated dessert using your gelato and the other elements you’ve made. 
  • Throughout the class you will indulge in a GELATO DEGUSTATION of plated desserts – a menu created especially for each class. We like to get creative, so these are pretty special – you won’t get to try them anywhere else!
  • When class is over, you’ll get to take home tubs of what you made (including the sauces and pralines) and maybe even a job application for the Messina factory. Sorry, you can’t take the chefs. We need them.
  • You’ll also leave with a copy of our book ‘Gelato Messina – The Recipes’ so you can start your own gelato business…we’ll be keeping tabs! We also have a new book 'Messina: The Creative Department' which will look fab on your coffee table. You can add this to your class order and we'll have one ready for you.

**Allergies - we're afraid we can't cater for specific allergies at our classes - feel free to let us know in your booking, and we'll do our best to accomodate, but it can't be guaranteed** 

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What you will learn

  • Create and pasteurise your own gelato or sorbet using a Thermomix
  • The elements to add to your gelato to create the perfect plated desserts (and how to make them)
  • A new found level of gelato eating appreciation

What you will get

  • A gelato degustation of plated desserts – a menu created especially for each class
  • A little (gelato based) breakfast treat to get off on the right foot
  • To take home the gelato you made in class
  • A little bit of Messina love
  • A copy of our book ‘Gelato Messina – The Recipes’ (included in ticket price - if you'd like to also purchase a copy of the new book, you can add this to your order)
  • ** all bookings in September get a free MESSINA TOTE **

What to bring

  • Just your appetite for gelato!

What to wear

Casual (loose pants might be a good idea)

Appropriate for

Gelato lovers and the gelato-curious

Gelato Messina

482 Reviews

We make gelato, it's pretty good.

At Gelato Messina our job is to make people happy. Yes we make amazing gelato with the very best, real ingredients. And yes our gelato cakes are weird and wonderful, but it’s all in the name of putting a smile on someone’s face.

We’re passionate (verging on obsessive) about the creative process. Whether it’s coming up with new flavours or a music playlist for the stores, we throw ourselves into it because that’s what we love.

How would they have made it 100 years ago?

When we make gelato at Messina, we ask ourselves one simple question: “How would they have made it 100 years ago?” The answer is simple – use ingredients in their raw and most natural form and make everything from scratch. ‘Ready made’ ingredients including colourings, flavourings, preservatives and pastes have no place at Messina.

From the meticulous roasting and endless grind of pistachios, to the baking of our own apple pies and brownies, or to the sweet smell of stewed spiced rhubarb, absolutely everything is made lovingly in-house by our little team of mad professors. By using real ingredients, we achieve full bodied texture and flavour in our gelato. Our dairy flavours have low fat content because we use less cream, and our sorbets are completely fat free, dairy free and full of fruit.

Want to find out what goes on behind the scenes at Messina?

Book one of our Gelato Appreciation Classes or brand new Hands On Classes below and join us at Messina HQ in Sydney for a class at COOL SCHOOL. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend your Saturday morning…

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4.8 (100 reviews)
27 July 2017Hands On Gelato Making Class (Sydney)
Sadly disappointed. I have been looking forward to this class for months, wanting to know the secrets to making gelato. However, we made a sorbet, pastry & a panna cotta (all of which I already make, very easy with a Thermomix). All that was really said in regards to gelato is that it's very technical and almost impossible to make successfully in a domestic environment! So, why run a class called 'Hands On Gelato Making'? I certainly haven't come away knowing 'the nitty gritty and ... finer details of how to make gelato the Messina way' nor 'what to put in, when to put it in and how much is juuuust right'. From the description, learning the 'other elements' for impressing dinner guests was to be a side dish to the main event (gelato), but actually they were pretty much the main focus. On the upside, it was very cool to hear about Gelato Messina's commitment to quality ingredients, their philosophy behind creating new & exciting flavours and seeing behind the scenes ... but that's not what I booked into the class to learn. Also, it was advertised as 9am-12pm but the doors didn't open until 9.15 and we didn't start until 9.30 and then it was all over by 11.30 ... really only a 2hr class, not 3 as advertised. The instructors were very friendly & knowledgeable & passionate about their craft. I did learn some tricks of pastry-making, just not about gelato, which is what I paid for.
26 July 2017Hands On Gelato Making Class (Sydney)
We learned how to make passionfruit sorbet, chocolate panna cotta, and had a tour of the messina factory floor where the magic happens!! tasting was fun, but the cooking class was a highlight!! great to hear from the guys who actually run messina production and ice cream design.. would go again, if there was a new class with a new set of recipes.
06 December 2016Hands On Gelato Making Class (Sydney)
I really enjoyed the class and improved my knowledge about the technical reasons around the use of the right stabilisers in gelato The instructors were knowledgeable and informative, fielding various questions graciously whilst juggling a variety of tasks too. It was a bonus to be familiar with the operation of a Thermomix before the class Whilst is was expensive the bonus Messina cookbook helped defray the cost. I was alike disappointed and would have like to have made more actual Gelato,say a berry or a nut based one,and less 'dessert' Tip: Take a cardigan it's freezing inside! The take home packing of our 'produce' was greatwere great
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Refund Policy

For any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible. Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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Terms & Conditions

Any cancelations made within 3 weeks of the bookings, no refunds will be possible.

Cancellations made outside this period will be fully refunded.

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