Getting Married?

Have 2 Left Feet?

Want to feel and look comfortable on the Dancefloor?

Hit The Floor Dance Studio is here to Help you!

Let the passionate team at Hit the Floor work with you to choreograph a unique and memorable wedding dance – a special moment for both you, your family and guests.

In this lesson, your teacher will review your song choice and help you decide on the most appropriate style of dance. If you haven’t yet decided on a song, your teacher can help with this too.

Since the song will determine the dance style, we suggest you bring in the songs on your short list so we can show you what the different dance styles are like, and how they fit with the songs you are considering.

After this lesson, your instructor will be able to determine and advise how many lessons it will take for you to reach a comfortable level for your first dance.

NB: It’s not necessary to wear your wedding shoes to your first few dance lessons. It’s best to start off with shoes that you’re very comfortable in (especially for the ladies). Learning to dance can be challenging enough without throwing in difficult shoes. Once you and your partner are starting to get really comfortable dancing together – and you’re through stepping on each other’s toes – then you can add the wedding shoes to the equation.

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What you will learn
  • Dance to your song of choice
  • Dance with style and confidence
  • Move comfortably together on the floor
What you will get
  • Original choreography or basic partnering, depending on your needs
  • Book a FREE sample lesson/consultation.

What to bring
  • Your short list of wedding dance songs
What to wear

Casual clothing and comfortable shoes. It’s not necessary to wear your wedding shoes to your first few dance lessons.

Appropriate for

Couples who want to choreograph a unique and memorable wedding dance.


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Come to Hit The Floor Dance Studio to learn the latest and hottest moves in town! Whether it’s for fun, to learn a particular style of dance, for a special occasion such as a wedding dance, or just to keep fit. We look forward to working with you to achieve what it is that you are after

Dance Classes 

We offer dance classes and lessons for all ages and abilities, so, with our friendly & dedicated teachers to assist you with every step, “Make today the day you start dancing”. We provide Group Classes (Zumba, Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Belly Dancing), Private Lessons and Wedding Dance.

Studio Hire 

Having a party or work function? Enquire today about hiring the studio. Great location and friendly staff to assist you in having a successful night. Floor show performances are available. Feel free to ask us about hourly rate options. Simply Contact Us for more details.

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