Hoop Ma Boogie

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The final Hoop Ma Boogie of 2016 and we are taking it to the CLUB! Time to FLOW. Time to feel. Time for fun. No hoop-xperience necessary. All levels are welcome. This is about the DANCE.

A hula hoopin', bootay shakin', all out DANCE party and exploration session. Taking it to a club cos we need room to get our HOOP BOOGIE awn.

Facillitated by Donna Sparx on the hoop mic and Dice FX on the decks.https://soundcloud.com/dicefx

Think of a hoop jam on steroids where tech 'n' trix get kicked to the curb and all that's left is your DANCE, your FLOW, EXPLORATION and YOU. It's PLAY time, so dig deep and we gonna bust our boogie valves. There will be no choreography, just you, your hoop and the tunes.

For those of you who want to explore the DANCE side of hoop more, this is where you will find your style, your flow, your GO. 

Wait, what? What's awn the menu?

1. Intention Flow Session

2. Sweat: full body facillitated dance - find your own DANCE in the hoop

3. Jam: free flow jam time

4. Float n Flow Cool Down

5. Connect n Close

Any questions, please email donna@hoopsparx.com.

Let's SPIN IT, SPIN OUT and SPIN INWARDS.All hoops provided. BYO water bottle, comfy clothes, a smile and a giggle or three. Let's hoop DANCE.

Ticket info

Pre-sale tix only and strictly limited spaces available so get in quick! 

Early Bird: $30 (10 tix available until 30th November)

General Admission: $35 (15 tix available until 16th December)

Stay connected:

Web: www.hoopsparx.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hoopsparx

Instagram: @donnasparx

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/DonnaSparxHoopla

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What you will learn
  • Discover your own hoop dance style
  • Donna Sparx will guide you through a hoop dance journey utilising play, breath and hoop moves
  • Explore your flow in a facillitated hoop dance session with a live DJ (DICE FX)
What you will get
  • A 2 hour journey where tech and tricks are kicked to the curb
  • A sweat session and movement meditation through exploring dance with a hula hoop
  • Hoops are provided of all different sizes and weights so you can experiment and see what feels right for you and the way you like to move.
  • A workshop that is suitable for anyone who is interested in dancing with a hoop. All levels welcome.
  • Access to free online Hoop Sparx tutorials, tips and tricks.
  • Access to the Hoop Sparx hoopers online community.

What to bring
  • Playfulness
  • Water bottle
  • A giggle or three
What to wear

Comfy clothes that you enjoy moving in

Appropriate for

Kids at heart aged 14-70! If you want to play, giggle and explore hoop dance through facillitated movement then this is for YOU!


Hoop Sparx

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Hoop Sparx is a glitter fuelled bubble of hooptastic play, creativity, giggles, dance and HULA HOOPS!

If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, check out our Hula Hoop Classes in Carlton, Footscray, Preston and St Kilda. Mon-Thursday nights.

You will learn dazzling hoop tricks and discover your own hoop dance style in these super interactive galactic classes. And you’ll get mega toned doing it!

Donna Sparx is a hoop teacher, lover, maker and performer and is passionate about sharing the holistic sparkle that is hula hooping.

The Hoop Sparx approach includes:

○ Utilising play as a foundation for learning

○ Using hoop dance as a way to explore and change/challenge our thinking

○ Transformative potential of hoop dance

○ Encouraging individual style, exploration and creativity

○ Fun! Lots of FUN!

"Thank you for the awesome hoop lesson. I’d had a really down day and the class, your fun energy and the hoops got me out of my head. Loads of laughter and smiles all round. I even went to the park yesterday and put together a little sequence of everything we learned. And guess what? Your tips for chest hooping have helped. I did it!!!!"

– Hoop Sparx Student

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds will only be issued if a class is cancelled.

A refund may be considered in the exceptional circumstance that a students sustains an injury during a Hoop Sparx class and is unable to complete the term. 

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Terms & Conditions


Bring-A-Friend 1 Class Passes must be all used together on the same night. E.g. if you buy 3 Bring-A-Friend tickets then 3 people need to attend a class together.

Bring-A-Friend 8 Class Passes can be used at any Hoop Sparx classes - you just need to show up to your first class together and the rest you are free to spin where you please.

Class Pass Validity

Class Passes are valid for use in all Hoop Sparx classes and only during the Term for which they were purchased.


Refunds are only issued if a class is cancelled. See http://hoopsparx.com/terms-of-service/ for more information.

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22 December 2016 • Hoop Ma Boogie

This clas gave me the opportunity to explore my hoop flow and let go of inhibitions to try new things without without the fear of looking silly. I got to express my creative energy in a nurturing environment and have bundles of fun. I loved it!


14 April 2016 • Hoop Ma Boogie

What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Funky warehouse space, awesome tunes and lovely people. I really enjoyed Hoop Ma Boogie and would recommend it to anyone who likes to move their body and feel good (whether you’ve hula hooped before or not). Donna is an excellent facilitator and easily caters for all levels, with the focus being on finding your own flow, rather than tricks or technical ability. It was wonderful seeing everyone walk out of there with tired bodies, big smiles and open hearts. I can’t wait for the next one! :)