Private Hula Hoop Lesson (1:1) - 60 Mins (3 PACK)

3 x one on one hula hoop lesson with Donna Sparx.

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A private lesson tailor-made for YOU. 


Lessons take place in Footscray, St Kilda or Yarraville. 


Please let me know what your goal/s are for the session and if you would like to focus on:

a) Fitness

b) Hoop Dance Moves and Transitions

c) Tech and Tricks

d) Something you need help troubleshooting - describe what it is

e) A little bit of everything! 

Book now and secure your spot. I will contact you after your purchase to arrange a suitable time and date.

All hoops provided.

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What you will learn
  • You tell me your goals and I'll create a session for you
  • Hands on coaching and practise
  • Troubleshooting any tricks, moves or transitions that you are struggling with
What you will get
  • A customised, 60 minute, one on one hula hoop lesson with Donna Sparx

What to bring
  • Water
  • Playfulness
  • Smile
What to wear

Clothes you are comfortable moving in. Nothing too loose.

Appropriate for

Ages 5-75.


Hoop Sparx

Vendor since 2015


Hoop Sparx is a glitter fuelled bubble of hooptastic play, creativity, giggles, dance and HULA HOOPS!

If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit, check out our Hula Hoop Classes in Carlton, Footscray, Preston and St Kilda. Mon-Thursday nights.

You will learn dazzling hoop tricks and discover your own hoop dance style in these super interactive galactic classes. And you’ll get mega toned doing it!

Donna Sparx is a hoop teacher, lover, maker and performer and is passionate about sharing the holistic sparkle that is hula hooping.

The Hoop Sparx approach includes:

○ Utilising play as a foundation for learning

○ Using hoop dance as a way to explore and change/challenge our thinking

○ Transformative potential of hoop dance

○ Encouraging individual style, exploration and creativity

○ Fun! Lots of FUN!

"Thank you for the awesome hoop lesson. I’d had a really down day and the class, your fun energy and the hoops got me out of my head. Loads of laughter and smiles all round. I even went to the park yesterday and put together a little sequence of everything we learned. And guess what? Your tips for chest hooping have helped. I did it!!!!"

– Hoop Sparx Student

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds will only be issued if a class is cancelled.

A refund may be considered in the exceptional circumstance that a students sustains an injury during a Hoop Sparx class and is unable to complete the term. 

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Terms & Conditions


Bring-A-Friend 1 Class Passes must be all used together on the same night. E.g. if you buy 3 Bring-A-Friend tickets then 3 people need to attend a class together.

Bring-A-Friend 8 Class Passes can be used at any Hoop Sparx classes - you just need to show up to your first class together and the rest you are free to spin where you please.

Class Pass Validity

Class Passes are valid for use in all Hoop Sparx classes and only during the Term for which they were purchased.


Refunds are only issued if a class is cancelled. See for more information.

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