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Jesuit Community College

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Jesuit Community College provides people with real skills for life, learning and work.

It draws on the rich tradition of Jesuit education committed to ‘care of the whole person’ and development of active and informed citizens.

Through our College, we help individuals, and by extension their families and communities, reach their full potential.

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03 September 2018 • Growing Mycelium (mushrooms) in the city

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The man is like an encyclopaedia. I came away knowing 1000% more than I did about ecology, but, more importantly, realising that there's 10,000% more of what I don't know. And the lunch was good too.


01 September 2018 • Growing Mycelium (mushrooms) in the city

We did the mushroom class and I would recommend it to anyone. I learnt a lot in a friendly and encouraging environment. Stuart is an excellent teacher and his knowledge and passion is evident in everything. I would recommend this class and thank Stuart for passing on his knowledge.

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