How to create a powerful portfolio?

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There is a point in a photographer’s life when you want to hear constructive feedback on your work. Attending portfolio reviews is the best way to do so, as a professional photographer can take the time to have a look at your images, discuss them with you, and see where you stand now and pictures where you could be tomorrow. 

You are an advanced photographer, and you want to improve your pictures by discussing your personal work, how to improve it, in which direction you can go to make an impact on your creative vision.

But how to prepare yourself to these events?

This class will teach you how to create a powerful portfolio, and how to make an impression on your audience. From the pictures to the final product, we will discuss about you creating an efficient portfolio, that will attract attention. We then will speak about the interview with the photographer who will look at your work, and how to be ready for it.

The class is always composed of small groups: 5 participants maximum. Like this everyone can ask questions, and there is plenty of time one-by-one with the teacher. Your teacher take the time to individualise the content, and adapt to the audience. It is all about YOU, and yours needs.

The class lasts for 2 hours, going from theory to practice, to train your eye and help you become a better photographer. The next day, you receive two ebooks via email: a general booklet to inspire you to create more beautiful images, and motivate you to get out there with your camera; and a second booklet that is always different. I summarize everyone's questions, and give simple answers. This is the best way to make the most of the class.

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What you will learn
  • Create your own portfolio.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Make an impression.
What you will get
  • Better knowledge of your own work.
  • The ability of building a series in photography.
  • Tips and tricks about how to prepare an interview with a professional photographer to get accurate feedback.
  • Notes (ebook).
  • Understanding the importance of showing your work.

What to bring
  • Images that you would like to show to a professional: prints or digitals on an ipad/laptop. (Prints are preferable.)
  • Notebook
  • A description of yourself as a photographer and of the work you would like to present.
What to wear

Come as you are!

Appropriate for

Advanced photographers


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