Get started with your DSLR - part 3: Advanced features

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This class of three hours is perfect for those who just purchased a DSLR or any type of camera that has a manuel mode, and what to use their camera more efficiently, and have better results. I recommand to have attended the "Get started with your DSLR, part 2: Light and shadow" before coming to this class, as we won't have time to review these settings during the class.

Wanting to leave the automatic mode behind?

I will teach you how to use your camera, its functions, and - more importantly - how to improve your pictures while adapting to the situations you are dealing with.

Course format

Nothing too technical, I promise! Short theory & plenty of exercises. These classes are design to be fun: everyone can ask any question (even the one you think that everyone will laugh at: in general this is the one everyone is unsure about! So go for it!). Everyone is here to share & grow as a photographer!

Part 3: Advanced features

After the third session, you will:

- Understand the autofocus modes.

- Use the focus points efficiently.

- Get creative into composition: is there right and wrong in photography?

- Start editing your own pictures: introduction to Lightroom.

The class lasts for 3 hours, going from theory to practice, to train your eye and help you become a better photographer. To make the most of the lesson, there are never more than 5 participants. Like this everyone can ask questions, and there is plenty of time one-by-one with the teacher.

The next day, you receive two ebooks via email: a general booklet to inspire you to create more beautiful images, and motivate you to get out there with your camera; and a second booklet that is always different. I summarize everyone's questions (it can be about the technique, the composition, the creativity...), and give simple answers. This is the best way to make the most of the class.

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What you will learn
  • Learn about the Manual-mode of your camera.
  • Learn how to compose strong images.
What you will get
  • Course notes (2 ebooks)
  • Understand your camera better: M-mode, ISO, aperture & shutter-speed
  • Have fun in learning about composing stronger images!
  • Become a better photographer.
  • A great understanding of the autofocus modes & the focus points.
  • Get started with editing your images!

What to bring
  • Your DSLR (or any camera with a M-mode)
  • An empty SD card
  • A full battery
  • A positive attitude and an open mind!
  • A laptop with an editing software (Lightroom is highly recommended)
What to wear

Good shoes, and a rain jacket, just in case.

Appropriate for

Anyone who wants to improve their pictures and learn more about their camera.


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