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DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1

Live Streaming

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Live via Zoom
45 mins
Group Size: 1 - 10


Get a gentle introduction to jewellery making with this fun live streaming jewellery making class. You will learn the classic art of silversmithing, how to create pendants, earrings, bracelets, and chains using silver and copper wire.

This online class is designed for beginners, where you will learn the basics of designing, hammering, measuring, shaping, texturing, forming, filing.

Through a series of projects which build your skills and proficiency with using tools, you can either advance to the next set of online course which introduces new tools along with more advanced projects and techniques. Or explore the various aspect of wrapping and shaping wire with the tools you have in your kit.

In this workshop series, you will be making:

  • Textured Earrings
  • Geometric hammered gemstone earrings
  • Textured Pendant w/gemstone accents
  • Linked Chain
  • Hammered twist bracelet

A jewellery studio in a box is the best way to describe this beginner course. You just provide the space. Work at your own pace to expand and explore your love of jewellery.

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What you will learn

  • Textured Earrings
  • Geometric hammered gemstone earrings
  • Textured Pendant w/gemstone accents

What you will get

  • Craft kit: Sterling silver wire; Copper wire; Earring hooks; Gemstone beads; Ham; Filemer;
  • Round nose pliers and chain nose pliers; Wire cutter; Hole punch; Bench block; Rubber damper; Sandpapers; Silver polish cloth; Graph paper; Sharpie

What to bring

  • Apron, notebook, workspace, table top protection, an small light

What to wear

Casual clothing

Appropriate for

This course is designed for beginners.

Masterful Makers - Luxury DIY Workshops. 

The Art of being a maker!

Makers take raw materials and transform them into objects of desire. 

It is an art form, it is a craft, and it can be learned!

Come and experience a workshop with Masterful Makers. In as little as 2 hours you can walk out with a piece of handmade jewellery, luxurious leather bag, stunning knotted mala or your own personalized luxury skincare products. All designed and crafted by you!

Let me introduce myself, I am Victoria White, a one-woman dynamo/mad scientist/designer & maker of crafts. I am the owner of Masterful Makers and offer boutique workshops from my studio.  

My love for art, the history of man and pretty shiny things came together while being pregnant with my daughter and working for the Museum of African American Art in Florida. I fell in love with African trade beads. They were historical in context and heavy with human drama. They were an artefact, an antique and pretty. Pairing the few trade beads I had with semi-precious stones and sterling silver wire I began to make my first wrapped earrings. It was very therapeutic and relaxing, until my husband (at the time) saw the box of earrings I had made and took them to work. He returned that afternoon and presented me with a box of money, after having sold them all to his work colleagues! And that is how all this madness began. 

That was a bit over 25 years ago. And here we are now!

I have my BA in art history and a Diploma in Visual Arts and Silversmithing. 

I use my workshops to pass on my skills and knowledge so that you too will see just how enjoyable being a Maker can be. Coming away with personally designed and created pieces!

I am Victoria White and Making is my passion, let me make it yours as well!

Come and experience a Masterful Makers Workshop!

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4.9 (7 reviews)
11 August 2021DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1
Victoria was a patient, friendly, and very experienced teacher. The classes worked very well virtually. Would highly recommend it to anyone considering this class!
12 July 2021DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1
Few minor probs with bad weather and connections but once we got going it was excellent and fun.
01 April 2021DIY Silversmithing for Beginners 1
Loved the kit and really enjoyed the class, Victoria is a really energetic and fun teacher!
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Refund Policy

Masterful Makers - Luxury DIY Workshops offers credit notes. We require 7 days notice prior to the start of a workshop to change the workshop time and date.

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