The Right Time To Be Fit, Toned, And Have Fun!

These classes combine our ladies kickboxing and cardio exercises. There are a range of exercises and training used to suit your level of flexibility and fitness and of course fun! Spend time on a range of equipment available to you such as, kick pads, focus mitts, rebound bags and bobs. For the more adventurous there are punching bags from light to heavy. We cater for ladies from beginner to experienced in our kickboxing and cardio classes.

Ladies you will be amazed at how your flexibility will improve with stretching and regular training, whether it be the fancy kicks seen in the movies or TV or just to be able to finally say hello to your toes! The sessions are action packed with plenty of cardio, stretching and stress release of course you can yell and kick and punch to exhaustion.

You will find yourself smiling and having a lot of fun, getting fit and getting rid of the days worries all at the same time. Bring a towel and a water bottle as you will work up a sweat.

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What you will learn
  • Kick pads, focus mitts, rebound bags and bobs
  • Ladies kickboxing is fun and gives you confidence
  • Flexibility and core strength will improve with stretching and regular trainining
What you will get
  • Toned muscles and firmer body
  • Expert tuition from an experienced teacher!
  • Improved fitness and flexibility
  • Reduced anxiety, and increasing relaxation

What to bring
  • Water bottle to keep hydrated
  • Your enthusiasm, and be open to give things a try!
What to wear

Appropriate comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement!

Appropriate for

Ladies interest to learn Kickboxing & Cardio, to tone up the body or to loose some weight


Bayside Ladies Kickboxing

Vendor since 2017

Bayside Ladies Kickboxing (BLK) has its origins from a balanced approach in what ever we do, and is part of the Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy (NMAA), i.e. Nu – Nutritional, Tao – Way or path for life, Fit – Physical and mental fitness.

Our classes combine Kickboxing, Cardio Exercise & Self  Defence.Ladies kickboxing and cardio workouts is the ultimate way for busy women to get fit, relieve stress,loose weight and inches or centre-meters while having some fun. Whether you are a beginner orexperienced and want a good workout, this is the place to be. Learn how to use your kickboxing as a way to keep safe with our self defence approach. We have ladies only and mixed classes,

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