Mission Hiring Seminar. The Disruptive Formula for Business Growth.


Mission Hiring uses highly developed assessment tools to understand you, your business and your evolving requirements so your business can take off to the next level.

For the business owner:

Wouldn't you prefer to be working on the business rather than in the business?

One Proven Solution Is An Affordable, High Calibre, General Manager.

Mission Hiring can help you identify the one who fits your needs, has your values and understands your environment – and shares the passion for growing your business.

For Executives:

Do you have the drive and passion to make a difference?

Do you agree that great rewards come from great results?

The Mission Hiring Seminar will provide the tools and a new strategy for Executives to prepare themselves to take the helm of a small business and achieve the satisfaction of success while sharing the rewards.

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What you will learn
  • A new strategy for going to the next level of business growth
  • Information and tools that will allow the individual to increase their results
  • Tools that can be applied to own career and businesses
What you will get
  • Strategies that build high performing, safe and manageable teams.

What to bring
  • Just yourself - notepads, pens etc will be provided
What to wear

Business casual

Appropriate for

Business Owners. Executives. Divisional Manager. Mid to Executive Level Candidates.


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We live to have organisations that are increasing their staff productivity beyond expectations through their use of Performia tools and resources to recruit, train, manage and promote / restructure team members.

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