In partnership with Chris White from 'Go Run', this is a program aiming at establishing a running group in Richmond that is for people who:

  • Are beginner runners 
  • Have thought about running as a way to keep fit and healthy or lose weight.
  • Want to complete their first running event.
  • Have tried running before and given up on it.

Program breakdown:

I’m not a runner.  How do I start running?”


Session 1: "Why is the start of my run so hard?” - Breaking through the first few minutes of your run.


Session 2: "How do I run further without dying or getting injured?” - Learning how to pace yourself.


Session 3: "I have to go longer, harder and faster every time!” - The right and wrong ways to plan your training. 


Session 4: "I hate the foam roller, what else can I do?” - Best ways to recover from and prepare for your run.


Session 5: "I have started and then given up on every beginner running plan” - How to stick to and feel good about your training 

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Class Schedule

Weekly sessions Each session is 1 hour total. 45 minutes coached session outdoors / 15 minutes discussion and questions with coach about that week’s topic with questions and answers. Length: 5 weeks Venue: Burnley Backyard Cost: $25 for 5 weeks

What you will learn
  • Overcome your fears associated with running
  • Train consistently
  • Improve your running
What you will get
  • A great physical and social experience

What to bring
  • Running shoes

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