Rest in Pieces invites you to attend a day of Butterflies & Bubbles at the Boathouse.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Jason Penfold stepping out of the cacoon and spreading his wings to teach our butterfly and moth pinning workshop.

Throughout the afternoon workshop, Jason will guide you through this fascinating world. You will learn how to rehydrate your specimens, how to create your own pinning board, how to pin specimens in 3 different styles and learn how to unpin and present your feature specimen in a shadow box.

At the end of the afternoon you will walk away with the 3 practice butterflies & your chosen feature specimen (Ulysses Butterfly or Death's Head Hawkmoth). You will also take home a shadow box to mount your beautiful creation in.

As usual you can sit back and get creative because the RIP team will take care of everything for you. All necessary tools along with your specimens, apron, afternoon tea and bubbles will be provided.

We also have take home kits available to purchase so you can practice your newly acquired skills in your own time. 


Please notice that there are 2 workshop options in the booking section. The name of the workshop indicates the feature specimen that you would like to prepare on the day. So while you will learn the same techniques in the workshop, the Death's Head Hawkmoth Workshop will see you walking away with a ready-to-mount Death's Head Hawkmoth and the Ulysses Butterfly Workshop will see you walking away with a ready-to-mount Ulysses Butterfly. Of course, you can always purchase a Take Home Kit if you'd like to end up with both specimens on your wall. See below for Take Home Kit options.

What to Bring

  • Extra layers in case the warehouse gets cool or warm! You never know 'cause it's Melbourne.
  • Camera or camera phone. Get ready to #restinpiecestaxidermy and feel free to add @restinpiecestaxidermy to your instagram.

On the Day

  • Please arrive on time!
  • Don't forget to have breakfast as it will be a long day
  • Free parking is available in the street

In order to finalise your booking, can you please provide the following information:

  • Dietary requirements?
  • Do you have a preferred name/nickname?
  • How did you find out about Butterflies & Bubbles?

Would you like to book one of our take home kits?

If the answer is 'YES' simply select the kit option you would like in the Merchandise section. The name of the kit indicates the feature specimen in the kit.

Death's Head Hawkmoth kit

- A Death's Head Hawkmoth to work on at home

- 3 additional practice specimens

- A complete set of the tools used in the workshop

- List of instructions used on the day 

Ulysses Butterfly kit contains the following:

- A Ulysses butterfly to work on at home

- 3 additional practice specimens

- A complete set of the same tools used in the workshop

- List of instructions used on the day 

We also have other mechandise available to complement your Take Home Kit such as shadow boxes and glass domes.  

Please note: if you are flying in for the workshop and want a take home kit, you will need to have checked-in luggage as the sharp items will not be accepted in hand luggage.

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Class Schedule

Saturday 23rd September 2017, 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM

What you will learn
  • How to rehydrate a specimen
  • 3 different pinning techniques for shaping and preserving your specimen
  • How to properly unpin, prepare and present your specimen
What you will get
  • 3 test specimens to practice on
  • 1 feature specimen (choice of either Ulysses Butterfly or Death's Head Hawkmoth)
  • Glass-fronted shadow box to mount your feature specimen in
  • Optional take home kit to work on your skills in your own time
  • All the tools required for the entomology experience

What to bring
  • Camera or camera phone
What to wear

Dress in layers to suit the Melbourne climate

Appropriate for

Anyone over the age of 16 with a love of science, insects and art.


Rest in Pieces

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Taxidermy - Taxis 'arrangement' + Derma 'skin'

Natalie Delaney-John has traveled far and wide to learn the art of taxidermy and has been mentored by some of the world's best and most awarded taxidermists. She is the proud founder of Rest in Pieces, which launched Australia's first taxidermy workshops, conducts talks and has just released the Revival Kit so that you can learn this beautiful art in the comfort of your own home.

In 2016 the R.I.P team expanded to bring you Skeletal Articulation and Intermediate Taxidermy classes. Next year is set to see the team expand even further with the addition of Death Moth Entomology classes, a Taxidermy Taster class and Advanced classes.

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10 July 2017 • Rest in Pieces Butterflies & Bubbles at the Boathouse

The Bubbles & Butterflies class was truly fantastic! The learning was presented in a clearly explained manner, and extensive assistance was provided by both the instructor and the assistant. Each phase of the insect pinning process had a creative and catchy nickname, which made the steps easy to understand and recall. Jason is a fantastically skilled and engaging facilitator. His warm, welcoming attitude and his brilliant, hilarious wit made the whole experience tremendously entertaining as well as smoothly educational. Gerard (the stand-in assistant) was also ultra-fantastic - friendly, supportive, and clearly drawing upon a prodigious wealth of knowledge and experience. I felt expertly guided through the well-structured and perfectly-paced agenda. The setting was charming and classy (historical boat house), and the food and beverages were generous and deluxe. Jason customised a soundtrack for the class, which deeply enhanced the ambience. I offer the highest appreciation and recommendation for this workshop. Thank you to everyone involved in planning and hosting this superlative event.


06 June 2017 • Rest in Pieces Butterflies & Bubbles at the Boathouse

This was an amazing class! I learned so much about butterflies and moths (the specimens we worked on) as well as many different ways on how to mount and present the butterflies. The teacher leading the class was really inspiring every step made sense and I felt at the end of the day I learned a lot and gone through a really fun educational experience.


04 June 2017 • Rest in Pieces Butterflies & Bubbles at the Boathouse

Excellent class - well taught and the venue was just perfect. Jason and Gerard were fabulous - very patient and dont mind answering questions, however dumb they were! Its great to have my class creations on my wall and the course taught me enough to be able to do more at home. I love my Ulysses Would highly recommend the class!! SJ

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