By the end of this course, that's eight weeks of drawing bliss, you will have a solid understanding of the components that make dynamic images. 

As a Maker or Collector, no matter what medium you prefer, to understand the mechanics of visual imagery is a great advantage, and drawing is the most direct and expressive way to learn the basics. And it's a fun way to learn. 

We begin on Saturday 6 May. If you miss a class you can catch up in our freestyle session that runs later on Saturday afternoons. 

Tutor: Carmel Byrne

Week 1:  Line / Week 2:  Value / Week 3:  Tone / Week 4:  Form I / Week 5:  Form II / Week 6:  Texture I / Week 7:  Texture II / Week 8:  Composition

8 weeks, 6 May – 24 June, Saturdays 1 – 3pm

See full details on our website here

Perfect for beginners or anyone that needs to fill some gaps in their knowledge and techniques

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Class Schedule

This class is held every Saturday 1 - 3pm. If you miss a class during the courseyou can catch up in our freestyle drop in sessions that begin at 3pm.

What you will learn
  • Draw a sensitive line
  • How value and tone work in imagery to create mood and form
  • Colour and composition
What you will get
  • A series of line drawings, collage, transfers, and tonal drawings
  • A solid foundation of drawing and visual art skills
  • The opportunity to work with an experienced artist

What to bring
  • An A3 Visual Diary
What to wear


Appropriate for

professionals, drawing, hobby, adults, teenagers,


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