Get MONEY Smart (6 classes)

Learn investing, budgeting, taxes, super & more!


This is a practical, interactive course to give you a strong foundation in all the core elements you need to understand how money works, how to manage it, and how to make it work (and grow). If you sometimes find yourself thinking you're not quite sure what you're supposed to do with money (other than spend it!), this course is definitely for you! 

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This course has two components:
(1) Online: each week you will get online course material to study before the class
(2) Offline: each week you will participate in an in-person class with an instructor

This course is designed to leave maximum time for practical application during the offline classes. We are big believers in learning-by-doing, so every class has practical activities as well as homework tasks designed to help you learn and practice the course material. 


Here is an outline of what will be covered in this course: 

Getting good with money starts with what you think and feel about money. In this unit we will: address common myths and misconceptions, identify personal values and patterns around money, learn how money works (why do ‘the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer’?), and tackle the taboo of talking about money. 

In this unit, we will learn how to create a personal income statement and balance sheet, and also learn about financial goal-setting for the future. 

In this unit, we'll look at the simplest systems you can use to make automatic savings and budgeting as easy as possible. This will help to make sure you're on track to reach your financial goals...without even thinking about it! 

There are lots of ways people get into debt (from student loans, to mortgages and credit cards). In this unit, we'll look at things like: What is a credit score and why is it important? How can you use credit cards to your advantage? What is 'good debt' and 'bad debt'? 

Insurance seems boring, complicated, and sometimes feels like a waste of money. But we're going to explain exactly how it works, why it can be a great tool to protect your family's finances, and how to figure out what types of insurance you need. 

Everyone talks about investing, but where do you start?? Especially in Sydney's current real-estate market, understanding where or how to start investing can be overwhelming. In this unit, we're going to unpack the various investment options available, their pros & cons, and some things to consider before you start investing.

Taxes are one of the biggest expenses we have! Understanding the basics of personal income tax can be a huge advantage making sure you’re paying only what you need to be. In this unit, we'll get familiar with the tools and resources to make tax returns easier, learn about personal income tax and tax deductions. 

Everyone's favourite topic! In this unit, we're going to help detangle the complex maze that is superannuation. We'll learn about: how superannuation works, the different kinds of funds, consolidating and contributing to super, and what to look out for in a super fund. 

Financial planners, accountants, brokers, agents...there are lots of players in the market, all trying to “help” you manage your money. What do they do? Do you need them? In this unit, we’ll unpack the role of different players in the industry, and the things you mightwant to think about before you engage someone.


The course does NOT:

x Teach you 'how-to-get-rich-quickly'. This is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme.

x Sell other financial products and services. We're not commissioned to try and sell you any additional financial products or services. We're just here to educate.

x Provide financial advice specific to your personal situation. We provide financial education not financial advice.

x Cover the following topics with specificity or detail: family planning, wills and/or estate planning.

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What you will learn

  • Getting organised: how to organise your money to enable guilt-free spending and automatic saving
  • How to grow your money: an introduction to the different investment options and what to look for
  • The basics about all the complex stuff no one ever teaches you: taxes, superannuation, debt, credit cards etc.

What you will get

  • Hands-on experience: our course is designed to maximise the practical activities in the classroom so you can learn-by-doing!
  • Course material to take home (including worksheets and summary documents)
  • Practical tips and resources to make regular money management more streamlined and easy
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not happy after week 1 and wish to discontinue, we'll give you a 100% refund
  • 3-4 hours of online content
  • 15 hours tuition with an experienced industry professional in a small group environment: usually it costs thousands of $$ to hire an industry professional, we're making their expertise available at a much lower price point!

What to bring

  • Laptop
  • Notepad, Pen

What to wear

Whatever you like!

Appropriate for

All adults of all ages who just want to get better with money!


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Money & Wealth Education | We run courses and events for adults on money, wealth & personal finance. Our instructors are finance professionals who have worked in the industry, and live & breathe what they teach. 

Getting good with money shouldn’t be hard, scary, or boring. So we decided to change things up. There’s finally a place you can go to learn everything you ever wanted to learn about money. 

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