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Explore the astrology of the Moon & the inner you

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The Evolutionary Astrological symbol of the Moon represents the inner self and how we relate to our emotional body. Just knowing the ins and outs of our Moon sign gives us a beautiful insight on how we can nourish ourselves and align to our internal values. In this workshop we will discuss how we can integrate what serves us, and change the relationship with tendencies which can take us out of our alignment.

This evening will begin with a brief introduction to Evolutionary Astrology. Dee will then give an analysis of the lunar influences within the Natal chart of each member of the group, and discuss that openly with everyone. Influences which include the nature of our inner narrative, how we nurture ourselves and others, and the way our Soul wants to integrate deep lessons into our emotional body.

Dee has been practicing tarot and astrology for over 25 years, and has finally decided to enter the world stage with her knowledge and dedication to service.

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What you will learn
  • What the Moon means in your chart, how it signifies your emotional nature and how to best take care of the positive and negative tides within you.
What you will get
  • A deeper insight to your personality and emotional body.

What to bring
  • Please provide date, time and location of birth to dee@soulcompass.com.au at least 24 hours before the start of the workshop. You will also need a notepad and pen.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Open to everyone interested in personal evolution and astrology!


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Why Evolutionary Astrology?

EA is a branch of Astrology that explores the ever expanding awareness and nature of the Soul. The planetary symbols/archetypes used in this type of natal chart reading are grounded in Universal Law -  as above so below. 

We are experiencing being human via our connection to the Universe for as it expands in awareness, our Souls’ evolve alongside it. In simpler terms, just think how different you were as a ten year old to who you are now, and then think how different you would be when you are 80. Life evolves as does our awareness of it.

The true power of the consultations lies in the discussions and exploration on how has the energy which was present at birth led to the life being built and lived today. How has your conscious self and it’s exterior influences connected to your inner self and your Soul’s desires? Have you been empowered by the calling nature of your Soul? The consultations are there to help the individual open this discussion to explore where they are currently in their evolutionary process and to give practical insight to the evolutionary path of their Soul’s desire and purpose.

About Dee

I’ve been studying Modern Western Astrology for 25 years, and was introduced to Evolutionary Astrology in 2016. By applying the EA paradigm to the charts of those closest to me and witnessing the accuracy in which life paths were revealed, I saw an avenue to which aid people in their quest for self discovery, to give an insight not only to their psyche but also alongside them discover their own philosophy, giving a richer meaning to their life.

Ultimately, the aim of my services is to counsel and aid you in engaging with your own true desires, inclinations, purpose and challenges ahead. This will benefit your own personal evolution and give you the opportunity to understand your own practice of self care which will ultimately guide you in discovering and resonating with your place in the Universe.

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