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Soul Sisters Productions is an all female company focusing on running programs and courses through empowerment and giving programs a voice that we hope, can facilitate growth and change in the world.

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Terms & Conditions

Lady like

Soul Sisters production will not tolerate any kind of bullying, mental, verbal or physical abuse of any kind towards staff or participants, throughout the term of the course and events. This also follows on into the social media facebook pages and secret pages. 

Soul Sisters productions understand that we are all human and have triggers and problems that will arise, please know SSP staff are ready to discuss what is going for you and accomodate for you. SSP will always work their hardest to create a safe and free space for every participant.

All photos and video’s must be must be presented and must have every participants approval before posting on public social media. 

No using or selling drugs or alcohol before, during or after a SSP course/event

Liability Disclaimer

I agreeing to participant in a Soul sisters production course/event you understand that all activities you participate in this event are done out of your own risk and accept all responsibilities.

You have agreed not to bring any claim against the organisers of this activity or employees involved in the event. I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this policy and of this liability disclaimer agreement.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

Deposit will be kept regardless of any cancellation of any course/event with SSP

 Half of payment returned within 18 days before course/event

No return with after 18 days of course/event

If you decide the course is not for you during the course no refund is possible .

Please know we are human and get life can throw a little curve ball into your plans, so please always communicate with us and we will always help to make the process less stressfull and easy. 

Please understand these course are strictly held at a 20 and need 15 to run. Any drop outs can cause the course to stop, so please try to give us full communication and time to process things and help in anyway we can, whilst refilling your spot. Thank you

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