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Judith rated it
18 Mar 2023Candle Making At Luxury Candle Supplies
The candle making class was very hands on and informative. Frosa our teacher took her time explaining the techniques very clearly giving explanations of how to get the best results. Frosa gave each of us her individual time to help us along the way and it was a very enjoyable morning.
Dessirated it
18 Mar 2023Candle Making At Luxury Candle Supplies
What an amazing class. Frosso’s knowledge on candle making is second to none. A great experience and highly recommend it.
Christyrated it
05 Feb 2023
Could not be more happy with the time I had with Frosa. I had been having issues with my candles cratering and dipping. Not to mention the hot throw. Frosa answered some important questions and gave me advice. Now they have been perfect. Thank you for your advice and support.
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About Soy Candles

Soy Candles
Member since 2013
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Soy-Candles Online is proud to produce a range of Natural Vegetable Soy Candles

We love soy candles and we love to teach the art of candle making, but this is not like other classes. We teach in a way that is simple to follow, without complicating the process with temperature concerns and without fuss.

That's not to say we don't worry about it, but there are simple methods that we can teach you that allows you to have your wax at the right temperature for melting, mixing and pouring. Everyone should have the opportunity to make these lovely candles. Why not join us?

Our classes are  comprehensive ands-on, so you get the experience in handling the wax. 

Yes, you will make mistakes at the start, but it's all about the learning. You will quickly become proficient using our method and will be making beautiful candles very quickly.

We will supply you with templates for wick sizing, fragrance blending charts, colour blending charts, lists of recommended suppliers and even a copy of our candle making workbook. And if you have queries after the class, we are more than happy to help.

See you soon.

Frosa katsis

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