Minimalism - A Tool for Conscious Living

Minimalism - A Tool for Conscious Living

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Whether it’s the job, our homebase or our environment, we are a generation, a society where change comes easy and most of all quickly. But changing can be challenging when there are things holding you back and weighing you down.

Like possessions and clutter, too many things you want and are emotionally attached to.

You easily get stuck in the constant struggle of back and forth, feeling incapable to move.


But you want to grow? You want to leave your comfort zone behind but don’t see what it really is that makes you feel incapable of moving?

It’s right in front of you. In your wardrobe, your kitchen, your bathroom shelf, your wish list.

Change is always a 360° concept. You can’t only change your mindset or your job for the better without changing your environment or your way of decision making. Because you create and constantly created your own environment.

You are driven by and made of your decisions and of what you posses.


For a lot of people, minimalism goes along with the idea of restriction. Of not being allowed to own things, to have a desire or to be wealthy and even enjoy that. Forget that! Let’s clear that up and get behind a much broader and more interesting idea and concept of minimalism.


Minimalism is an empowering tool, most of all a mindset.

It supports you in making conscious deliberate decisions, it helps to stay aligned with your values and it is just making life so much easier.

With ‘Minimalism, a tool for conscious living' you will explore a new way of experiencing a fulfilled, conscious and purposeful life.

Adding minimalistic thinking and decision making into your daily life is a great start for designing a holistic lifestyle.

It will unblock your energy levels with a lot of freedom and peace of mind. 


You don’t need any new habits for implementing minimalism.

Simply anchor the idea and the possible outcome of this tool and understand how it can shift your life to the better!


a lot of fun || group activities || great epiphanies || nurturing discussions || a lot of sharing, self reflection and self development || a positive life altering mindset to go || a set of great tools and documents to take home that support your growth || going home with clarity and motivation

The workshop is designed for a number of max. 10 people. So we can make sure that we have enough time to flow through the topic as well as addressing all your questions.

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What you will learn
  • You will learn to understand minimalism as a great concept that can be applied whenever and wherever you want and need it to support you. To integrate minimalism effectively you will firstly reveal your patterns of unconscious counter acting. Reflecting your behaviour is an important essence of lasting change.
  • Affirmations - A fantastic tool, not only for Minimalism, but for life and growth in general. Learn how to use it for you and how to self-support your change.
  • Reflection - To integrate minimalism effectively you will firstly reveal your patterns of unconscious counter acting. Reflecting your behaviour is an important essence of lasting change.
What you will get
  • Working Material and A guide for decluttering
  • A day packed of eye-opening, easy to integrate tools
  • Lunch & Tea

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm!
What to wear


Appropriate for

Open to everyone interested!


Stefanie Jary

Vendor since 2018

Hi, I'm Stefanie!

It's my passion to support and guide small businesses to greater success.

Since 2012 I have worked in various Start-Ups. Across Berlin and Sydney, I have fulfilled different positions such as Head of HR or Head of Purchase and therefore gain great insights about founding and growing a business.

I have always loved and enjoyed it most when I can work creatively. Thinking outside of the box is where I feel most comfortable.

My energy and efficiency enable me to do what I can do best:

Generate new ideas and guide people to tap into their full abilities.

It took me a while to understand that this was not only what I liked doing, this is my knack!

My talents and skills are deeply rooted in developing creative strategies, generating new ideas, connecting the dots and seeing the big picture to reach great solutions.

This is what I'd like to share with you!

What else? I'm empathetic, have an amazing eye for details and aesthetics, I naturally understand a client's needs and have a never ending affinity for customer service.

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