Introduction to Home Cheese Making, $60

Introduction to Home Cheese Making, $60

Learn how to make ricotta, paneer and yoghurt

Over 20 people have attended this class


Begin your cheese making journey and learn how to make ricotta, paneer, and several different yoghurt types and styles.

Join The Cheese Maker team of Lucy and Gerry, we will show you just how easy it is to make your own cheese at home with this wonderful selection of cheeses and yoghurt. You’ll be delighted about how simple and cost effective it is to make. Making these products with no nasty additives or preservatives. Bring a healthy appetite with you as we will have you tasting your way through all of these and more.

Your class includes a full demonstration. Making ricotta in less time than it takes driving to the shops! Our easy-to-follow take home workbook is full of recipes and useful tips to make everything at home. You will also have the opportunity to purchase all the equipment to start making your own and wowing family and friends.

Book now and let your cheese making journey begin!

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What you will learn

  • How to make ricotta in less time than it takes to drive to the shops
  • How to make yoghurt (without added sugars, thickeners or preservatives)
  • How to make easy peasy paneer

What you will get

  • Take home easy to follow instructions
  • Loads of recipe ideas for your home made ricotta, yoghurt and paneer
Parking Info

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What to bring

  • An appetite for the artisan life of cheese making…with a big smile!
  • Cheese making cultures and equipment will be available for purchase and take home on the day (cash and credit card) - so consider bringing your purse/wallet.

What to wear

Not relevant to this class

Appropriate for

Cheese enthusiasts

The Cheese Maker

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Based in Perth, Western Australia, The Cheese Maker runs a range of cheese making courses so you can learn everything you need to know to make everyone’s favourites from home.

In each of our courses you'll watch, learn, and get hands on practice. Most importantly you can trust that you'll be able to re-create what you learn in class time and time again, with our take home guide and follow-on cheese making products and support because it's not just a course, it's the start of your cheese making adventure with us.

The Cheese Maker runs classes in home cheese making. No previous experience is required and, if doing multiple courses, can be done in any order. We also run corporate events and are a supplier of cheese making cultures and equipment.

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4.8 (5 reviews)
Helenrated it
04 Feb 2024Introduction to Home Cheese Making, $60
Didn't want to leave, course was so interactive and fun.
Sararated it
03 Feb 2024Introduction to Home Cheese Making, $60
Rating Only
Christinerated it
07 Aug 2023
Never before have I gone to a workshop where there have been so many things offered on tasting! I think I counted 17 things made with cheese, yoghurt or whey, not including the gluten free crispbreads etc as accompaniments. The teachers were both knowledgeable, approachable and charismatic. You could ask Lucy or Gerry anything! Highly recommend going to their workshops and buying their full range of products to get you started at home, to save lots of money on dairy (and non-dairy) foods.
The Cheese Maker 08 Aug 2023

Fantastic to hear that you really enjoyed yourself. Onto a hands on class for your next part of your cheese journey.

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