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Rayrated it
18 Oct 2022Haloumi Cheese Making Course
Fun, entertaining and learning full. Great afternoon of cheesemaking. I'll be back
Toni rated it
17 Oct 2022Haloumi Cheese Making Course
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Miarated it
17 Oct 2022Haloumi Cheese Making Course
The class was informative and fun and the halloumi is amazing. I appreciated the nice little touches like samples to learn presentation inspiration, and the take-home instructions. I'm reading to sign up for the next one! Plastic-free, made-from-scratch, pure & quality ingredients, learning something new, and the sense of accomplishment to make it myself and avoid the supermarkets - that's a win all round for me.
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About The Cheese Maker

The Cheese Maker
Member since 2014
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Based in Perth, Western Australia, The Cheese Maker runs a range of cheese making courses so you can learn everything you need to know to make everyone’s favourites from home.

In each of our courses you'll watch, learn, and get hands on practice. Most importantly you can trust that you'll be able to re-create what you learn in class time and time again, with our take home guide and follow-on cheese making products and support because it's not just a course, it's the start of your cheese making adventure with us.

The Cheese Maker runs classes in home cheese making. No previous experience is required and, if doing multiple courses, can be done in any order. We also run corporate events and are a supplier of cheese making cultures and equipment.

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