This seminar is the first of 6 throughout the weekend, with expert presenters on the topics of pregnancy, a positive birth experience & preparing for parenthood. 

Simone Power, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Founder of Sacred Willow Hypnotherapy - Sim has been helping people achieve emotional wellbeing through the varied hypnotherapy / psychotherapy modalities, with a particular interest around helping people to live a life beyond limiting beliefs and expectations. A life where you can feel as though anything is possible, one where you can experience the absolute beauty of thriving within your environment through achieving complete emotional wellbeing. Sim's talk will focus on ways we can reduce any effects of past trauma or anxiety on your pregnancy and parenting journey, enabling you to enter parenthood with a clear mind and fresh perspective on the new life you are creating. 

Emily Jones, Birth Educator & Founder of Acacia Wellness - Emily is incredibly passionate about helping families develop confidence about the birthing experience, providing practical tools and sound knowledge through the HypnoBirthing & HypnoMothering programs, Birth Essentials & Infant Massage courses.

The skills Emily teaches are life-long with the continued benefits of helping you to be a relaxed and composed parent, armed with techniques to overcome the overwhelm, increase the bond with your baby and improve sleep patterns and behavior. During this session Emily will talk about the various ways to prepare for a positive birth experience. 

Amy Cameron, Co-Founder of Gentle Presence - Amy is a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Registered Midwife. Having worked in community and hospital based setting, Amy is experienced and women-centered. Gentle Presence is ALL about supporting women and families to achieve their breastfeeding goals, whilst utilising traditional and modern means. Amy will talk about the different ways we can support breastfeeding women and share her top tips for increasing the likelihood of having a successful breastfeeding experience. 

Health seminars will be held throughout our Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Festival, providing a range of inspiring and informative speakers who’ll be sharing their expertise in different areas of Family Health. 



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What you will learn
  • Pregnancy & Preparation for Parenthood with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Simone Power
  • Positive Birth with Birth Educator, Emily Jones
  • Breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant, Amy Cameron
What you will get
  • 3 incredible guest presenters


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