Health seminars will be held throughout our Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Festival, providing a range of inspiring and informative speakers who’ll be sharing their expertise in different areas of Family Health – from pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding to parenting and relationships

Beverley McInnes, Founder of Insight House Counselling - Bev is passionate about working with individuals and families in the area for Trauma Counselling, specializing in Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety & Depression, Anger Resolution, understanding the need to have a safe place to express yourself, gain insight from your past which affects your present and future.

Throughout the years of Counselling clients and recognizing how trauma and addictions and coping defence mechanisms in a person’s life cause us to struggle with many different negative emotions and behaviour patterns, Bev developed an 8-week course called Insight Recovery which brings about a balance between cognitive behaviour and inner healing.

Deanne Atkinson, Founder of Parent with Passion – With a spiritual approach to parenting, Parent with Passion focuses on fostering positive emotions.  Learning what children are telling us through their behaviour and educating parents how to break the negative patterns of parenting passed down from generation to generation. Deanne, a Parent Coach and Spiritual Counsellor promotes parenting in a way that helps children to learn independence and confidence.  Deanne believes children deserve a childhood that they don’t have to recover from in years to come.  She is passionate about teaching parents the power of parenting and how our actions can last a lifetime.

Yolande Hughes, Co-founder of Inspire Tribe – Yolande’s bold style, her gift of picking and decoding unconscious patterns and her finely tuned communication skills will have you breaking through the blocks you know you have, and releasing the unconscious hooks that you have slowed your progress to date. With her profound skills, she’ll get you to the level of thinking you need, for the results you’re seeking. Yolande’s presentation “The Human Experience”, will discuss fundamentals of creating change from the inside out. 

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What you will learn
  • Communication to enhance relationships, with Bev McInnes
  • Health benefits of creative expression, honouring your journey, with Jessika Behneke
  • The Human Experience, creating change from the inside out with Yolande Hughes of Inspire Tribe
What you will get
  • 3 incredible guest presenters

What to wear


Appropriate for

Women, Men, Families, Grandparents


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