This class takes the core foundations of this acting process to new levels. The aim is strongly build listening skills.  The exercises and processes put actors in charge of their choices. You will acquire clear and practical techniques that you can manage effectively. The sessions start with improvisations that expose the reality of an actor's listening skills and provide the techniques to develop listening to a highly sophisticated level.  

The techniques are  great exercises but also great rehearsal tools and are equally valuable when managing a live performance. The improv exercises are then applied to working with a script and build skills that are wonderfullly spontaneous.  

The final exercise is to do a general audition with a professional Casting Director (usually Nick Hamon from Nick Hamon Casting).

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Class Schedule

These are 2.5hour sessions, once a week over ten weeks.

What you will learn
  • To build real listening skills ... because listen is the key foundation to all acting
  • Learn to trust your impulses and be believably real
  • Be able to change character and story ingredients incredibly quickly
What you will get
  • Record your scenes to take home each night to measure your improvements
  • Be assessed by a professional casting director at the end of the term
  • Come to grips with an acting process that is totally logical and produces wonderfully creative performances
  • Learn to standout from the crowd
  • Learn how to measure your performances so you can adjust them with ease
  • Know what to do when you first read your scene
  • The ability to work confidently because you are in charge of your process

What to bring
  • Bring your acting diary so you can take notes.
  • Bring a USB stick to record your work or an SD Card for the camera (ask for details of SD Card)
What to wear


Appropriate for

If you have done the Introductory Workshop this workshop is the next step. However if you are an experienced actor with basic knowledge of Stanislavski processes you might choose to start at this level.


The Rehearsal Room

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The Rehearsal Room is run by TV Director Richard Sarell who directed television drama for more than 25 years. During that time, he evolved an approach to acting that trains actors in techniques that enable them to compete and survive in the modern world of screen performance.

The techniques are based on simple principles that quickly produce professional results.  They enable the actor to create complex real characters that are perfect for the screen but are also relevant for the stage.  These classes enable actors to make choices that drive the character's interactions in a way that generates a compelling dramatic performance.  The actors skill is to engage an audience because they feel they are watching a real life interaction.  These classes provide the tools to deliver those outcomes.

Richard has been conducting workshops for professional actors in Australia and New Zealand for two decades, working with institutions such as the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Australian Screen Directors Association (ASDA), National Theatre Drama School, Federation University and the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

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24 December 2017 • Intermediate Workshop

I love working with both Richard and Kyahl at The Rehearsal Room! They taught me to be more bold in my choices, how to quickly and easily make directed changes and feel more confident with my technique. I loved the way the focus was on listening and to always have an impulse to do everything! Thanks again!