The Single's Guide to Valentine's Day

There's always a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Creativity 5 min read Feb 17, 2023
The Single's Guide to Valentine's Day

February 14th has somehow become a day that is meant only for couples, which is probably the reason it’s become such a disdained holiday. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no avoiding the Big V-Day, so we may as well embrace it and make it into something we enjoy. Cheers!

1. Start the Day with a Workout

Valentine’s Day should not be a day of sulking in the dark corners of your home. Instead, make it an excuse to finally start that workout routine! Embrace the Oz sunshine by going for a run or a walk, and enjoy the the greenery around you. Exposing yourself to sunlight and exercise will help increase your endorphin and serotonin levels, and will leave you feeling super happy and satisfied!

2. Give a Gift

You may not have a significant other, but let’s not forget that there is such a thing as platonic relationships that exists in your life, too. Spread the love on Valentine’s Day with simple acts like giving a gift or even just a sweet thank you note of friendship to your bestie, or your friend at work. Because let’s face it, there’s just something that’s inexplicably satisfying about making someone smile with a gift, isn’t there?

3. Create a Gratitude Journal

Have a sit down and examine all that you have in your life right now. Make an effort to specifically call out all that you’re thankful for, and anything that has helped improve your life. This can be your friends, family, your career, your pets, and even strangers! Jot all these things down on your planner, or even on a small piece of paper. When you overhaul your perspective and bring gratitude into your life with this simple yet powerful act, your day will start to feel pretty awesome!

4. Go Have Fancy Dinner or Make Yourself One

Remind yourself that you can have a fine time being with your own company by treating yourself to a fancy dinner. Try a new recipe — or visit a new restaurant — either way, don’t forget to break out the champagne.

5. Host a V-Day Party

Put together a fun Valentine’s get together, and have every person bring a treat to exchange with everybody. Spend the day with the people you love and it might just become one of your favourite holidays!

6. Watch a Movie

Not in the mood to go out or make yourself dinner? No pressure! Being on your own on V-Day means you can spend the night bingeing on some great movies! We all know that watching movies can be soothing to the soul, so be sure to catch films that focus on the awesomeness of friendships, achieving dreams, and following your bliss. Looking for recommendations? We like this list that covers all the feels.

7. Really Embrace Self-Love

Remember that time when you got so busy with all your to-do lists that you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself and let your cup run dry? On Valentine’s Day, fill that cup again and really indulge in that self-love that we so often forget. Make time to do the things you enjoy, or try something new and different — then watch as your passion, happiness, and excitement elevate to levels you’ve never dreamt of. 💜