Woodworking: A Skill Women Love!

Here's a skill that's out to quash gender roles

Creativity 4 min read Sep 22, 2020
Woodworking: A Skill Women Love!

There literally isn’t a reason why women can’t fill the role of a woodworker, just like men can. Sure, for most women, woodworking it isn’t something they usually grow into; but if one is willing to commit some time to learn, she can get pretty slick when it comes to woodworking and the handling of power tools.

In Australia, there is an increasingly visible demographic of females wanting to build their own furniture, thanks to savvy women woodworker groups like Sollywood. Sollywood is a Brisbane-based business that holds regular workshops to teach women on basic maintenance, carpentry and mechanical skills.

According to founder Meg Solly, her reason for starting Sollywood was “to give women the confidence and skills to give things a go”, and that her motivation actually came from her own mother. Left distraught after Meg’s father passed away, her mum was not only in grief; she was also distressed because she had to do many things on her own from then on - things her husband would usually take care of around the home. “I didn’t want other women to feel like that… I thought there has to be someone who can teach women these things,” Meg says.

If you think about it, woodworking is the logical extension of the craft and DIY movement, which a lot of women are currently quite involved in. So if you’re looking to establish a competency in a new area, woodworking makes a lot sense, yes?

Sollywood’s popular introductory class, Woodworking 101 is currently running a special if you bring a friend to class!