Jacqui Stockdale, Consummate Artist

Learn to create stunning art with a touch of theatre

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019
Jacqui Stockdale, Consummate Artist

Jacqui Stockdale is part photographer and part painter, illustrator, and collage artist, whose work has been shown at the Louvre - yes, that Louvre. She’s been awarded the Belle Art Prize, the Hutchins Art Prize, and the Doug Moran Contemporary Photography Prize; and even starred in a winning documentary on her life. And in her spare time, she likes to dance, do yoga, and run. Is there anything that this multifaceted artist and mum can’t do?

I’ve known Jacqui since the early days, back when WeTeachMe was all shiny and new. First time I met her, I was just floored! A rare talent, this one, I thought to myself. (Funny story: At one point, I almost modeled for Jacqui! But then life happened and alas, the amazing plan to pose for a painting of moi went kaput. A missed calling, I’m sure, but c’est la vie.)

Nearly five years and thousands of teaching hours later, Jacqui still calls WeTeachMe home and we’re simply chuffed, me especially. I’m particularly in love with her work with theatrical costumes, masks, and props; but anyone keen to learn about oil painting can’t go wrong with Jacqui’s famous classes.

I can’t wait for her latest exhibition Ghost Hoovanah to open later this month! Until then, I’ll leave you with this behind-the-scenes look at Jacqui in creative action.

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