Bitcoin: To ฿ or Not to ฿

Let’s learn all about Bitcoin. We've got beer!

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
Bitcoin: To ฿ or Not to ฿

Bitcoin is in the news again this week, as the central bank of all central banks released its much-awaited verdict on crypto. As expected, every pundit and his second cousin are trying to throw in their two satoshis’ worth.

The prognosis is not looking good, say the naysayers, given that the value of key cryptocurrencies has dropped since the start of the year. With Bitcoin itself being down by 50%, some critics might even declare that the bubble has finally burst.

Then again, crypto cynics have been calling the coin a bubble for years - like back in 2013, when it was trading at between $13 and $909. Of course, today, one Bitcoin is worth about $8,900. So there you go.

The jury is still out then, we guess? Perhaps, the question should be, is it too late to get in the game?

Well, you can take a class and bond with your bitcoin bros over beer or you can listen to the guy who goes around scaring vegans with bacon.