Forget the Potter's Wheel: Hand Make Your Ceramics Instead

Come and get your hands dirty!

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019
Forget the Potter's Wheel: Hand Make Your Ceramics Instead

When you think pottery, one of the images that probably pops to mind is that of a potter’s wheel. However, trends are shifting in the ceramic world these days— and plenty of ceramicists and potters are doing away with the potter’s wheel to produce their creations. They are now preferring to hand-build their work to achieve a delightfully wonky, imperfectly perfect look to clay that seems to be in fashion nowadays.

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There truly is beauty in imperfection and in something that is handmade. And with the world become more and more digital by the second, we think the steady rise in handmade ceramics is here to stay. And especially when it is handbuilt, it embodies a deeper story about craftsmanship and creativity.

One of Work-Shop’s most popular classes focuses on this equally popular medium. They are teaching a 2-hour crash course in the basics of hand-building ceramics, as well how to make your very own pinch pot! Learn more about the class in the link below.