Finger Painting for Us Big Kids

So messy, it’s like kindy class all over again - with wine!

Creativity 2 min read Sep 25, 2019
Finger Painting for Us Big Kids

Before we learned how to wield the mighty paintbrush and became such accomplished artists (or at least trying to get there), painting was literally child’s play. Back then, all we needed to get things done were our stubby little fingers and some creativity and lots of imagination. Ah, the good old days when all the “abstract art” we did in class got us a gold star.

So, if you think adult colouring books are the world’s best invention since, well, kids colouring books, you couldn’t be more wrong. This workshop is kindy class all over again - but with wine! Welcome to finger painting for grownups.

Give your digits a little stretch and be ready to splash, smear, and daub yourself an entire masterpiece, under the expert guidance of local artist Stephen Evans. Based in Bondi, Stephen is known worldwide for his paintings of Sydney landscapes, beachscapes, and still life, and has run several successful finger painting classes around the city.

Have a little sneak peek.

Far from the “abstracts” of yore, you’ll get to create your own realistic painting. This is Stephen’s own work of finger art - impressive, no?