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Learn this ancient craft from a Master Gilder

Creativity 2 min read Dec 10, 2019
Get the Midas Touch

Gilding skills with all their secrets have usually been passed down over generations within families. There has been a great revival of this ancient craft in the 21st century.

Under the tutelage of German Master Gilder, Karl Eggert, students gain the benefit of over 50 years of professional gilding.

The Art Gilding Academy is undoubtedly Australia’s most unique educational establishment offering a range of courses on the art of metal leaf applications.

Whether you are a beginner or would like to learn more complex technical & artistic aspects of gold leafing, the Art Gilding Academy has a course to suit you.

Have you ever wished to have the skills to apply gold and silver leaf to your furniture, frames, and artwork? Or embellish your cornices, columns, walls and ceilings with metal leaf? Work for yourself from home at your own pace?

The Art Gilding Academy can make your dream come true.

It is our passion to pass on our considerable skills to anyone who wishes to learn this age old craft of gilding.

Why not start with an introduction to gold leafing workshop and maybe you find a new hobby or even a passion for this ancient craft.

Best of all, you need no prior knowledge of gilding.

Master the art of gilding!
Learn Gilding Workshop
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Learn Gilding Workshop

Introduction to Gold or Silver Leafing