byAzumi: Delicate Floral Art at Home

Turn your home into a Japanese floral art showroom

Creativity 5 min read Apr 17, 2020
byAzumi: Delicate Floral Art at Home

We can all use a bit of cheering up these days. And what brightens up a space better than a bouquet of freshly picked flowers? No wonder ByAzumi’s floristry classes are so popular!

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Mother’s Day (just a few weeks away, kids!), ByAzumi has got just the thing for you. You can now enjoy the same inspiring experience online! Book a private class with Miss Azumi, the woman behind the brand, and learn different techniques in flower arranging in the comfort of your own home.

Ikebana: Japanese floral art

Ikebana, the Japanese style of floral arranging, is distinguishable in several ways. Also known as Kadō, the art form has been practised since the 17th century. As opposed to just gathering flowers and putting them in a vase, Ikebana incorporates different blooms, branches, leaves, stems, and other natural objects to create a beautiful composition, taking into account colour and line, form and function.

Ikebana offers a variety of designs, ranging from minimalist single-flower pieces to grander, more dense compositions. All have one thing in common: an evocative presence that can turn any room into a whole other space.

Garden bouquet: Arranging seasonal flowers

One of the many beautiful things about flowers is that they are seasonal. Different types grow naturally at different times of the year, offering a new challenge every time to the creative florist.

Now in the middle of autumn, gladioli, calla lily, and snap dragon are commonly found. As we move into winter, you might see some sea holly, gerbera, and sweet pea. In spring, cornflower, chrysanthemum, lily, and tulip are some of the more popular flowers. And in summer, dahlia, cala lily, and hydrangea come in full bloom.

What’s interesting is that you can take what’s hot in the flower department for the season and make a garden bouquet out of it. Practising this can be a lot of fun, as it gives you more creative room to decorate your home.

Kokedama: Indoor gardening with moss balls

Kokedama is another technique of decorative gardening that takes its roots from Japan. With kokedama, you take a ball of soil in which an ornamental plant or flower grows, cover it in moss and then either affix it onto a surface such as a driftwood or bark, or have it suspended from a string or nestled in a clear, attractive container.

Kokedama making is an intricate process, but results in an artful composition that is quite popular in Japanese gardens. It might just be the piece you’re looking for to make your garden stand out from the rest.

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