Centre of Italian Studies

Melbourne, VIC


Located in two charming Victorian terraces, in the heart of Carlton's café and restaurant district, the Centre of Italian Studies has been Melbourne's leading Italian language school for over 30 years.

Since its foundation in 1979, CIS has been committed to providing students of all ages with quality Italian language and culture courses which are ideal for travel, work, personal interest or simply for people with a love of all things Italian. These courses will have you speaking Italian from day one!

Recognised as an expert in the field of language teaching, CIS has developed a number of successful courses such as 'Avanti' and 'Sempre Avanti', which are widely used throughout Australia and around the world. Our latest course 'Ci siamo', co-written by the director of CIS, Claudio Guarnuccio, is also being used successfully thoughout Australia and in Italy.




Sep 2016

Great way to learn Italian, after work - in the heart of Carlton. Great vibe in the classroom. The teachers are lovely !!

Jun 2016

the classes helped me with Grammar and pronunciation. It is a very interactive sessions which allows me to continue to practice speaking italian. I look forward to continued classes. thank you

Jun 2016

Very disappointed by the way of teaching. I felt extremely left behind in my first few classes as the fundamentals were not explained before getting into sentences. This was meant to be a beginner class and I was told that there was no expected knowledge of Italian, however the other woman in my class could speak and understand fluent Italian which was very intimidating etc. When I went into a different class in week 6, they had a clear understanding of the fundamentals, vowels, numbers etc. The way of teaching in this second class seems different to my original class so with the older teacher, it seemed better. I am open to giving it another go, however I think the school needs to have the teaching method consistent across all classes.

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