Introduction to Digital Marketing: SEO & Analytics


SEO & Google Analytics are some of the most important, yet complex facets of digital marketing. No matter the industry or website, SEO and Analytics are some of the most powerful tools to understand and reach your customers. 

Our introduction course at Collective Campus will give you a thorough, fundamental understanding of what SEO and Google Analytics can do for your business, as well as giving you quick, instantly actionable tips for quick wins. 

So whether you're running an online store, starting a blog or have just created a website for your business, this introduction class is a great start to getting your website in front of the right people and improving your business's performance. 

Our Digital Marketing classes have been immensely popular, so make sure you book your spot to avoid missing out on our limited spots. 

Some of the topics we'll be talking about will be:

  • The evolution of SEO.
  • Basic SEO ranking factors.
  • The power of analytics.
  • Google analytics 101

Who will be teaching? 

David Pagotto - WME Group

Passionate about all things marketing, David Pagotto is someone who can solve your digital marketing dilemma. From development and implementation of strategies and processes, to analytics and digital measurement, he has expertise in all areas of the industry.Consulting with some of Australia's biggest brands, David has a knack for developing creative solutions to complex problems. 

- The evolution of SEO.- Basic SEO ranking factors.- The power of analytics.- Google analytics 101

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