At this level your language will start to come together, having covered the present tense to some degree. You'll learn useful combinations of verbs to enable you to talk about what you're going to do in future. It's also here where the first past tense makes an appearance! This is the fourth of the 6 courses which lead to level A1.

You'll be in a group with other like-minded people who are all wanting to learn and improve—whilst having fun.

What you learn ...

  • making / accepting / refusing appointments and datesexpressing obligation (tener que + infinitive)
  • describing actions happening now (present continuous: estar + present participle (-ing))
  • talking about the months of the yearexpressing intentions / plans for the future (ir a + infinitive)
  • proposing plans / suggesting alternatives (¿quieres venir ...? / ¿por qué no ...? ...)
  • making telephone callsintroducing the first past tense (present perfect: haber + past participle)
  • asking why something occurred / accepting excuses
  • expressing surprise / disappointment / boredom

Textbooks are needed for this course - Nuevo Ven 1, Libro del Alumno (2 CDs, $59.99) and Workbook in English (1 CD, $28.99). These may be purchased from El Patio at your first class.

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Class Schedule

10 classes x 1.5 hours per session

What you will learn
  • Making / accepting / refusing appointments and dates
  • Expressing obligation (tener que + infinitive)
  • Describing actions happening now (present continuous: estar + present participle (-ing) ... more below
What you will get
  • Small, fun and social, with a teacher who knows how to teach languages!
  • A good base to begin building your Spanish

What to bring
  • Pen, paper and heaps of enthusiasm!
What to wear


Appropriate for

This is for people who have done a bit of Spanish.

El Patio specialises in Spanish, with short courses for beginners through to proficient. We pride ourselves on our healthy numbers of continuing students at advanced levels. Classes are small, serious but fun, and are suitable for those wishing to become fluent in Spanish, for travellers, partners of Spanish-speakers, and those who want to train their brain.

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