Slow Clay Centre Collingwood, VIC


Escape to Slow Clay Centre and learn the art of quiet expression.

Slow Clay Centre specialises in ceramics education and offers an extensive variety of ceramics and pottery classes throughout the year. Classes are offered on a weekly basis by the term, intensive weekends and short courses, and a rich variety of one-day guest artist workshops and forums. Catering for mostly adults, from beginners to the more skilled, we also have some kid's classes so everyone can learn the art of working with clay. Our enrolled students have priority to re-enrol each term and take advantage of our generous loyalty program providing free studio access (conditions apply). In this way we can help you to develop your skills to a high level. 

Our unique "Slow Clay" method for teaching the pottery wheel, established by Slow Clay Centre director and ceramic artist Jane Sawyer, has been taught for more than twenty years. Based on the Japanese techniques Jane studied as an apprentice in Japan, in combination with western techniques, the "Slow Clay" method offers a synthesis of East and West. It provides ergonomic best-practice and a solid foundation for personal expression and confidence with clay. All our courses offer skill-based learning within a rich framework of art and design enquiry.

Based in a beautiful inner-city studio in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia, Jane Sawyer is joined by a range of other leading professional ceramic artists and experienced teachers who offer equally high-level teaching in a broad variety of topics - see our web site for teacher profiles. Together they offer guest artist workshops and forums, creating a vibrant community of enthusiasts.

Welcome to Slow Clay Centre where you can be sure to learn from some of the best!




Jun 2017

Absolutely loved the class! I was originally trying to get into Wheel throwing but being booked up, so I did the hand building class instead. I can't recommend it enough. Pilar our teacher was wonderful too. Lots of fun and very relaxing, learnt a lot in a short time. Looking forward to going again next term.

Jun 2017

Slowclay has an excellent beginners class. Going through 2 x 8 week courses, I am now able to make pots myself at home. Louise was a great teacher aswell. The sats definitely helped, and the enviromnent at slowclay is very welcoming and homely. I'm definitely coming back for an intensive course.


Fabulous class! In the 8 weeks, we covered a large range of hand-building techniques, worked with three types of clay, and explored different styles of surface decoration. There's so much to learn and a lot of freedom to follow your own personal direction. It's a great introduction to hand-building. I have done wheel classes with Slow Clay too, and highly recommend both Form and Surface and the wheel courses! I think with Form and Surface - the sheer amount of possibility and numerous techniques, means that this course will be perfect for you if you have a clear vision of things you'd like to make, and know where you want to experiment/develop with your own work. If you prefer less decision-making - I'd maybe go for wheel classes first - with the wheel you are limited to making concentric shapes (small bowls and teacups to start with) so there's less need to think about developing your own personal projects, and it might feel less overwhelming than the super-packed-full-of-techniques Form & Surface! Both are really excellent, just depends what you're after!

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