Etsy Masterclass: Space Clearers

What to Bring

  • The student may bring any sentimental items they wish to include in their personal piece. Example are personal crystals, found feathers, charms, stones and special beads.

What to Wear

  • Casual

Etsy Masterclass: Space Clearers

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Be taught how to create these sculptural art pieces
  • Learn how to weave your intention into them making the resulting piece and process deeply personal and cathartic.
  • She will teach you how to charge them

What You Get

  • Gemstones & crystals
  • polyester cord to wrap crystals
  • wisteria vine bases
  • jute twine, hemp twine
  • crystal and glass beads, beading needles and thread
  • nature trinkets (stones, shells, sticks, feathers)
  • super glue, thread snips and scissors


Space Clearers are a unique twist on the common dream catcher with intention that aims to hit home, clearing space in your life and making way for what you truly desire to come through. They feature a powerfully charged crystal in the centre (she will teach you how to charge them), organic twines used as the web and weave holding it all together, and whatever else you choose to hang from the natural vine base, be it crystal and glass beads, feathers,shells, stones, seed pods, twigs and anything else you may want to include.

You will not only be taught how to create these sculptural art pieces but also how to weave your intention into them making the resulting piece and process deeply personal and cathartic.

In addition, Charlotte is also a certified 500hour yoga teacher and being incredibly passionate about body movement, breath and flow combined with creativity, she will commence the class with a mini sequence with meditation (for cementing your intention for the piece you will create), and conclude with another little stretch out and meditation symbolic of completion of the process.


Hello there, I’m Charlotte Leonie and the founder of Feather Finder and freelance 500hour yoga teacher. I lived in Sydney up to the age of 22 and then moved to Byron Bay. I had tried my hand in real estate, fashion design, retail and cocktail waitressing. Nothing was sitting right. I needed a fresh start from city life and to reconnect with my roots.

Feather Finder began when I chose to start combining my sacred little finds from nature walks into hanging nature mandalas or Space Clearers, as I call them. This little business has organically flourished from its humble beginnings and much to my delight still offers me the same if not more satisfaction and goodness from the process of creating for it. Near everything I use within the pieces (aside from a little glue & polyester thread) is cruelty-free, organic and fair trade. These qualities I believe are vital when it comes to creating something with pure and cathartic intention for not only yourself but for the surrounding beings and wonderful Earth we live upon.

My work consists of teaching yoga and creating for Feather Finder and now I’m super excited to be sharing the techniques and knowledge I have gathered from both of these. If you’re a Facebook fiend or Instagram lover check my creations out  at Feather Finder & feather_finder for some ideas on what you can create for yourself. I’m also on Etsy under FeatherFinders shop name.

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