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Zoom: Cookidoo - Menu planning and Shopping tips

Save time and money with menu planning features

Live via Zoom
Over 100 people have attended this class


Want to know how to use the Shopping Features on Cookidoo?  

Whether you want to create lists and send them to your phone, or printer, or even send them to Woolworths to have your goods picked and packed for pickup or to be delivered.

These features will save you time and money. 

Help you plan your meals.

Provide some inspiration in meal slection.

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What you will learn

  • Make planning and shopping easy with Cookidoo
  • Be inspired and plan your week
  • There are so many ways you can use the Shopping list. Print, send it to a device, or even send it to Woolworths so they can pick and pack for pick up or delivery.

What you will get

  • In this Zoom session I'll give you complete instructions from planning all the way to organising your shopping.
  • I can show you how I save money and plan my week by choosing to shop at Woolworths.
  • If you want to use your Thermomix more, here is yet another way this smart device can help you.

What to bring

  • No need to bring anything but a smile and an open mind. 😉

What to wear

It's a Zoom, you can even be in your jarmies. 🤣🤣🤣 I don't record my Zooms, but I would love you to have your camera on

Appropriate for

Thermomix owners that use (or are interested in) Cookidoo.

Bec's Table Cooking School

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Baking courses, Cooking courses using Thermo cookers and Conventional Methods.

Bec is a classically trained Chef/Pastry Chef who loves to share the knowledge of making and baking brilliant food. We hope to inspire with our tips, techniques and quick ideas. 

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4.9 (57 reviews)
Cherylrated it
21 May 2024Zoom: Cookidoo - Menu planning and Shopping tips
This was a great class! I learned far more about Cookidoo than I thought possible. Thank you so much, Bec! I have learned a ton from you already.
Bec's Table Cooking School 21 May 2024

Awesome.  It's very clever isn't it? 💖

Yvonnerated it
20 May 2024Zoom: Cookidoo - Menu planning and Shopping tips
I really enjoyed this class. Bec told us how she saves money each week by firstly looking at the specials then searching Cookidoo for recipes using those ingredients and finally ordering online. I wouldn’t have thought of doing it that way. I normally look up the recipes first then do my shopping or worse still do my shopping first then look up recipes - I often don’t use everything I buy. Bec’s way is the logical way to do the weekly meal plan and shop! Thank you Bec.
Bec's Table Cooking School 20 May 2024

Thank you. I'm so glad it made sense to you. When you run a busy cafe and have to pay the bills, you have to think about the best ways to shop. It's just something I've continued at home.  Cookidoo and Woolworths make it so simple to do. 😉

Tanyarated it
20 May 2024Zoom: Cookidoo - Menu planning and Shopping tips
Thanks Bec, it was my first zoom with you for the Menu & Shopping Tips, explaining how to plan meals and how to do a shopping list from cookidoo (which I've never done before). I feel I will be able to do it confidently now. Your guidance was great and allowed for any of us to ask questions after each topic. It was a great steady pace, but covered a lot. Looking forward to zooming more with you in the future.
Bec's Table Cooking School 20 May 2024

You're welcome, so glad it helped. 

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If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A refund can be requested 7 days before class starts. Free of charge.

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