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18 Mar 2021Get Yourself Priceless Press Coverage
Adrian is the real deal. So many valuable and practical takeaways. Highly recommend!

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Believe Advertising & PR
Member since 2021
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Are you a business owner that wants to increase your sales and leads overnight, through the power of publicity?

Studies have shown that consumers are less likely to be influenced to purchase, by paid advertising. 90% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from brands or people that they see mentioned in the media or organically by a social media influencer.

Companies are becoming aware of the power of publicity and key online influencers but don’t have any media contacts or bloggers to approach or are often turned down by the media as they don’t know how to successfully pitch their stories.

Imagine being able to have sales doubled in a week, as a result of a single news story that is published. Or be known as an industry expert in your field, allowing your target market approach you to buy your products or services.

As the Director of Believe Advertising & PR, I’ve helped hundreds of companies over the past 19 years gain priceless media coverage and ultimately increase their sales. My clients include international brands and even working with Novak Djokovic several times for SEIKO and HEAD. I have also worked with many food, beauty and lifestyle brands too like Nad’s, FURLA and WoodWick candles getting them priceless press coverage.

In just one hour, I'll share with you my secrets on how you can become a PR superstar and start getting your company discovered by consumers that will ultimately help you boost your sales.

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