Things to Do with the Girls in Brisbane

Tired of the same old lunch spot?

Creativity 4 min read Mar 30, 2022
Things to Do with the Girls in Brisbane

There’s many ways to spend quality girl-time in Brisbane outside of your usual long lunches, shopping sprees and spa days. Whether you get together often or haven’t seen each other since forever, you best gal pals deserve to be treated to something a little out of the ordinary, don’t you think? If you’re stumped for new ideas, have a gander at our list of the best things to do in Brisbane with your girlfriends.

Circus Bootcamp Tuesdays at Vulcana Women’s Circus

If you’re looking for atypical activities for girls, we think leaping off edges and swinging from trapezes fit the bill. Discover your physical potential at Vulacana Women’s Circus where you will get in shape in a specially designed circus bootcamp. Not only do you get strong and fab after eight weeks, but you get circus-fit too. Win-win!

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Where: Brisbane Powerhouse
When: October 3rd
Cost: $240 (Full-term), $220 (Full-term concession), $35 (Drop-in)

Floral Workshop at Francesca’s Flowers

What could be better than getting together with friends and learning something new? Possibly getting together, learning something new and looking like bohemian princesses while you’re at it. Learn the basics of floral arrangement to make an exquisite crown in full bloom, then of course let’s not forget about snapping those Instagram-worthy pictures with your besties.

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Where: Francesca’s Flowers
When: October 28th
Cost: $98