Jewellery Making: Best Way to Crush Your Sundays

Sunday blues are real. Get your creative fix here.

Creativity 4 min read Nov 14, 2019

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little anxious as the weekend comes to a close and Monday starts to creep in? You’re not alone. Sunday sadness is actually a thing, according to research!

But we’ve found the perfect weekend fix, to drive those blues away and get you ready to smash another week at the J-O-B. Enter jewellery making - and we’re talking about serious, adult jewellery making. Yes, metalsmithing!

To get started in jewellery, it’s important to have the proper know-how to help bring beautiful designs you’ve dreamed up finally into fruition. However, many people don’t really know how to get started in making their own jewellery, much less honest-to-goodness metalsmithing. There’s a little more to it than donning an apron and banging on a red-hot piece of metal!

It’s BYO project at SquarePeg Studios on Studio Sundays, and every skill you learn here is sure to elevate all of your future projects! Can you believe that, even if you’ve no previous experience with metal media, you can come away with a striking piece of bling made entirely by you?

Let Sunday be your official craft day!

Studio Sundays

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