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Hair Braiding 101

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Always wanted to learn how to braid, but never knew where to start?

Even if you've never braided before (or only now how to do a plait), you'll easily learn how to do all the complicated looks you see on the red carpet and Pinterest. 

From the French braid to the Dutch braid, the Fishtail to the Waterfall, you’ll learn myriad ways to plait your hair. You'll leave class knowing how create half a dozen new looks on yourself and your friends. There’s a braid for every person and every occasion — for running to the shops to attending a wedding. And yes, you can braid your hair even if it's curly.

I’ll demonstrate on my model, and then we'll practice all the braids on one another. Bring a friend or come solo -- either way, make sure you have plans afterwards so you can show off your gorgeous new braided hairstyle!

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What you will learn
  • how to do amazing braids
  • advanced styles like the Crown Braid and the Waterfall
  • how to have red carpet hair in minutes
What you will get
  • hands-on instruction
  • braiding tutorials/resources handout
  • a head-turning new hairstyle to wear the rest of the evening
Parking Info

Hub William Street is a 10-minute walk from King's Cross Station, St. James Station, and Museum Station.

Street parking (ticked and non-ticketed) is available on most streets nearby. There is also a Wilson Carpark on 70 Riley St. 

What to bring
  • a hairbrush or comb
  • hair bands



Vendor since 2013

Theresa Winters teaches the art of hair braiding. An American transplant in Melbourne (now Sydney), since 2013 she has taught hundreds of women how to braid their hair. Visit www.braidiance.com for more information.

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15 May 2017 • Hair Braiding 101

We learnt to do all basic braiding on other people which can be implemented into various styles. Had to rush through a couple due to time restraints, but got the idea of each easily.


27 April 2017 • Hair Braiding 101

I learnt what I have needed for such a long time. Thoroughly loved the class. I would like some tips on the best method in regard to best use of fingers/hands.


25 April 2017 • Hair Braiding 101

loved the class. It was great learning about the different braid styles and being taught the difference between a french and a dutch braid and how to do them.

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