How To Over Deliver with Victoria Mousset ($55)

How To Over Deliver with Victoria Mousset ($55)

Apprentice workshop on being your best self

Over 10 people have attended this class


This workshop, led by CPR Ambassador Victoria Mousset, is designed for apprentices eager to enhance their skills and confidence in salon client interactions, basin techniques, and social media proficiency.

TICKET PRICE = $55.00 (includes lunch)


Please phone CPR Education on 0402 532 955 to make payment.



This apprentice-focused workshop will be held by CPR Ambassador Victoria Mousset, covering steps to build confidence, delivering a great consultation, basin experience and creating social media content to capture your target audience.

Apprentices should attend this education class to build their knowledge and confidence in consultations, basin work, styling, content and social game.

Spend the day with Victoria and learn: 

  • How to have Self confidence in Consultations. We will be going into depth about what a great consultation should include and we'll break down the questions you need to cover.
  • Providing the ultimate basin experience for your clients, including finishing of the hair - including trending styles like the faux blow out.
  • Next we will cover how to create content for your socials. Victoria will show you what apps to download and we will walk through this content process together in an interactive hour.

We have limited spots available, so click ‘Book Now’ to reserve your spot today.

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What you will learn

  • Become a more confident version of yourself with knowledge around consultations.
  • Become a pro at the basin and styling
  • Create on trend styles and up your social game.

What you will get

  • Lunch Included

What to bring

  • iPhone 📲 or Smart Phone, note book and pen.

What to wear

Normal Salon Attire

Appropriate for

Apprentices should attend this education class to build their knowledge and confidence in consultations, basin work, styling, content and social game.

CPR Hair

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Your Teacher

Grow your social game

Be your authentic self!

Never try to be someone you’re not - your audience will stick with you long term if they appreciate the real you. They need a constant in your content, something memorable that ties back to your social media presence. This could be your authentic self, your brand identity, or a specific product. Whichever it is, make sure it’s a consistent element in all your posts!

Stay on trend!

Stay current with the latest trends and wow them with your unique twist. Draw inspiration from artists and content creators who motivate you. As the digital world is ever-evolving, it’s important to adapt and grow alongside it.

Be consistent!

Navigating all social media channels can be challenging, but it’s SO rewarding due to its growth potential. To build a loyal following, maintain consistency in your posts so your audience knows what to expect. Begin your videos with an intriguing hook that teases what you’ll discuss or showcase, capturing viewers’ attention right from the start!

Record everything!

It can be so hard to create content, but if you consistently video yourself and what you're doing throughout the day, you will at least have one or two pieces of content that you can use. 

Get out of your comfort zone!

Growth never happens inside your comfort zone. Push beyond these boundaries and get uncomfortable! There might be a thousand opportunities out there for you, but they’ll remain undiscovered unless you step out into the world!

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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.

Terms & Conditions

Social Media & Photos

By attending this event you allow CPR Hair to use any photo or video taken on the day for the use of marketing or promotional purposes across all our media channels and print material. 

If you do not consent to have a photo/video taken of yourself throughout the workshop please make this known to the educators prior to the commencement of the event.

Once you receive your email reservation, please phone CPR Team on: 0402 532 955  to make payment.
If payment has not been received within 72 hours, the reservation will be cancelled and you will be required to contact Head Office if you wish to re-book.

Thank you

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