Cupcake Central Melbourne, VIC


Hatching That Dream

Cupcake Central is a Melbourne-based company that currently has three stores: Hawthorn, Melbourne Central, and Highpoint. We are the only cupcake bakery that honestly bakes fresh every morning at 4:00 a.m. -- and from scratch using real ingredients (no packet mix, shortening, or nasty preservatives).

An obsession that started on a trip almost nine years ago has grown into years of baking and perfecting the good old cupcake. Losing her job during the GFC in 2009 made Sheryl realise even more that she wanted to follow her dream of opening up a cupcake bakery.

Since hatching that dream, Sheryl has absolutely loved to share what she knows with anyone that loves cupcakes. She hopes to continue teaching everyone how easy it is to bake cupcakes - from scratch - starting with Cupcake Central's very own "Hatch That Dream Cookbook", now available at our website,

With a team of bakers, we'll be teaching you all the pro tips and tricks so that you cake also Bake like a Boss at home.



Feb 2017

This class was fantastic! I found it so helpful with the frosting tips & recipe. I was also surprised by how great the fondant section of the class was. Highly recommend :)

Feb 2017

Some basic frosting techniques and best applications of fondant. Not a lot of interaction from other class mates made it hard, but some good tips along with practical exercises helped my learn.

Cupcake baking & decorating class was a really good experience and I would definitely recommend this course for others who would like to improve their cupcake decorating skills. Course is also suitable for the beginners. Great team, great baking tips, great afternoon. Thank you!

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