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Illustrators Australia

Melbourne, VIC

In The Know — Seminar and Panel Discussion

What to Bring

  • Note taking materials
  • Lunch (tea and coffee provided)

Appropriate For

  • Illustrators

In The Know — Seminar and Panel Discussion

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Professional Illustrators Share Their Experience In The Ever-Changing Landscape Of Illustration
  • Professionals From Industry Discuss Budgets, What's In High-Demand & Where The Industry Is Headed
  • Illustrators Discuss How They Price Their Work, What's In High-Demand & Where The Industry Is Headed


The illustration industry has taken many unexpected twists and turns over the last decade. With the introduction of new technologies, a transition of opportunity and a shift in the way business is conducted, we've cherry picked the best in the industry to address the the current state of illustration.

In The Know is designed to provide a platform for thought-provoking discussion and address how to combat changes within the industry.  Join in on the discussion and be In The Know. This event runs 10am - 4pm.

To kick off the day Mitch Vane will speak of her experience as an illustrator with her long career providing a wealth of knowledge. She will explore the changes she's witnessed in the industry, how she's adapted to the changes and where she thinks illustration is headed. 

The afternoon will lead with a panel of industry professionals who commission illustrators. The panel will discuss budget/pricing for illustration, where the industry is headed, what's 'in' in illustration right now, what's over- saturated and what's in demand. 

  • Lara Chan-Baker - The Jacky Winter Group
  • Li Liang Johnson The Jacky Winter Group
  • Erica Wagner - Allen & Unwin
  • Aimee Carruthers - Frankie Magazine
  • Kane Rowlingson - Jumbla 

To address the flip side of the coin, a panel of professional illustrators from a range of different disciplines will discuss budget/pricing for illustration, where the industry is headed and which areas of illustration offer consistent commissions.

  • Annie White - Children's Book Illustration
  • Sandra Eterovic - Magazine Publishing/Advertising
  • Angie Réhe - Fashion Illustration 
  • Serena Geddes - Children's Book Illustration
  • Gregory Baldwin - Advertising
  • Adele K Thomas - Animation and Character Design
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Sep 2016

Learned a lot about the industry and it was an enjoyable event.

Aug 2016

Was a very important event to go to, I learnt that my business module is on track and felt encourage to continue as I'm practicing. I was surprised to learn that Agents only manage your jobs , they don't exactly source new work for you and you don't necessarily need one if you're proactively organised. My impression of agents was very embellished were I thought if you scored an agent, work would swarm in and you become super rich. ha ha.

Aug 2016

Great setup, guest speaker was tilling as we're the panels for the q&a. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, just a shame there was an hour delay in starting.